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This week I have some wonderful poetry books for you. They are quick reads, each one may take just an hour but the thoughts and emotions of these awesome poets would touch your heart.

Minus One by Elizabeth Merry

Minus One by Elizabeth Merry is a collection of short poems and haiku that could be read in less than an hour, each poem has a new theme though all are related to life. Some are vague and you have to figure out your own interpretation. Some lovely memories have been recorded in these poems besides the loss and the pain.

‘Seascapes’ transport you to the beach in a joyous mood, ‘Landscapes’ remind you of suffocations and ‘My Girl’ would fill your heart with aching delight. Read them slowly to discern the real meaning of haiku, as some of them whisper emotions through them. My favorite poems are ‘My Girl’ and ‘Yellow Dress.’

Shadows by Anita Dawes

‘Shadows’ by Anita Dawes reflects on the shadows of life, some of which stay behind us while others inspire to drive away sadness and despair. The themes are universal and symbolize love, darkness, light, time, goodness and dreams. Most of the poems are short and focused. I like the clarity of style and thoughts.

‘Color me Red’ brilliantly describes the moods and yearnings of the poet; ‘Broken’ touches upon those moments of disillusionment and desperation when we need an affectionate touch to reassure ourselves and ‘Nine Gates’ is a little ambiguous but I guess the gates refer to our journey of life, with a message of caution at each step.

Wrong Mouse would make you smile. This collection is a nice assortment of challenges that life throws at us and how we handle them. 

Poetry For you, Truths For Me by Tara Aryan

‘Poetry For You, Truths For Me’ by Tara Aryan is profoundly poignant poetry that rides on the waves of raw emotions, revealing how painful adolescent love becomes if the young heart breaks for whatever reasons. Each poem oozes with emotions that would tug at your heart, pull you into the abyss of her agony, make you a part of her “dark, stormy skies.” Her distress reaches its crescendo with ‘In This Cage’ and ‘Let It Rain,’ as the imagery is devastating in those two poems: “chains cling tightly, frozen, welded into my toughened skin.” I wonder how could love cage you, “anxiety siege you,” a “cloak of claustrophobia wrap around” you yet her words seem so plausible!

Most of the poems have been written in blank verse but there is a rhythmic touch in many, a yearning to move on yet the feeling that there could be no happiness, no life without her lost love. Tara’s style is realistic and could be related to any kind of hurt that is unbearable. Despite the lump in my throat, I could feel the wow factor in her style of expression, so pure, so honest and candid. A big hug for the poet for keeping her head high at the brink of drowning in deep seas of sorrow and pouring the grief into poetry. Bravo!

Poems in this collection mature as the poet enters the realms of understanding and learns to handle life. Wisdom dawns, rage steps in, Tara’s tone changes and a ray of hope shimmers in the later poems. ‘Liar, Liar’ is powerful in this context and lays bare some more truths. Some of the poems would haunt you, touch you deeply and you might need a face tissue while reading. I consider myself emotionally resilient but I had to put my kindle down to balance my emotions.

This one gets 5 shimmering stars.

Thank you.

Balroop Singh.

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    1. Thank you Sally. Tara is new to me too, she approached me through my contact page to review her book and I found her verses worth a mention.

    1. They are Lisa. I read a lot of contemporary poetry by Indie authors and some of them are immensely well-written. Thank you for coming over to support these poets.

  1. Yeah reviews are absolutely poetic, Balroop! It sounds like each poet has her own style and that we writers of prose and poetry can learn a lot by reading each different style. Xo

    1. You are right Pam, no two styles are similar especially for poetry, as each poet’s perceptive eye discerns life in its own way. Thank you for a lovely thought. 😊

  2. Balroop, indeed it is difficult to review poetry books as so many facets are covered within smaller frame work.
    You succeed excellently though and make all three books shine.
    Will check them out. 🤗.


  3. All lovely reviews for lovely collections of poetry, Balroop. Thank you for sharing and Congratulations to the authors. ❤️

  4. Three of them, Balroop. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reviews and recommendations. I enjoyed Minus One, and am quite familiar with Anita’s poetry. Thanks for the introduction to Tara and her book. Congrats to all three poets on the wonderful reviews. 🙂

  5. A wonderful selection of poetry books and insightful reviews, Balroop. What a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month by sharing about the poets and their love of poetry. ❤

  6. Balroop, wow! A superb selection of poetry book and thank you for all your thoughtful reviews. Your advice on Elizabeth Merry’s collection is so true for all haiku and poetry: ‘Read them slowly to discern the real meaning of haiku, as some of them whisper emotions through them.’ Beautiful! Tara’s poems intrigue me, your review is exceptional and the raw clarity of her poems sound incredible. It is wonderful to see poetry gaining a strong foothold with the public and hopefully, it can become increasingly recognised for the gift poetry can give to its readers/listeners.

    1. You always notice the nuances of a thought Annika. Thank you so much for your insights. You have rightly noticed the special aspect of Tara’s poetry and it flows in the dark waters of life yet its appeal is inspirational. 😊

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