A Coveted Beauty #NaPoWriMo

I never sign up for “NaPoWriMo,” (National Poetry Writing Month) but try to write one poem each day. That keeps me stress free.

Here is one of the ten poems I have written this month. I hope to write ten more.

She lives in the shadows
Green dreams lull her to sleep,
Wind whispers soft tunes
Stars share her stories.

Her golden gown lends light
To brighten the dawn,
Lilies embrace her feet 
Her fragrance mingles in them.

A coveted beauty of the gardens
Entwined with buds,
With tresses that touch the dew
Her graceful gait delights many.

Welcomed warmly by birds and bees
She swings on trees for a while,
Adds romance to the scene
And moves on, with the blink of an eye!
© Balroop Singh, April 2021

Thank you.

You can click here for more poetry.

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61 thoughts on “A Coveted Beauty #NaPoWriMo

    1. Stress-free life is a blessing and many times it is our choice too. Thank you for coming over to Emotional Shadows, a haven of sensitivity and where all emotions are cared for.

  1. I feel like Spring herself just embraced me. Outstanding poem, Balroop. The music of the words and the images they conjure, are off the charts. Poetry to wallow in!

    1. Not one but two, Lisa. My micro-poetry book is almost ready and this one is in the making. Thank you for your consistent support dear friend. Love and hugs.

  2. Such and beautiful and mystical poem, Balroop. I loved it. I’m doing the same thing trying to write poems daily or when I can but didn’t join the challenge either.

  3. A breathlessly gorgeous poem, Balroop. Loved the enchanting aura around it! Stay blessed ❤️❤️🙏🤗💫

  4. Wonderful poem, Balroop. It gives a feeling of praise to nature or the being that resides
    within. Whilst reading I can feel the calm nature always gives. The being in your delicate poem
    is quite mystical. 🌷.


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