Clouds #NaPoWriMo

Clouds calmly combine
To celebrate love for my poetry
Echoes resound


Hope sleeps on clouds
Drifts with their rolling rings
Conjuring its own path


Light shines through clouds
Inspires us to trust new horizons
Cynicism recedes


We fly on the waves of whim
When our dreams get wings
Clouds crumble to comply


© Balroop Singh

Those are some excerpts from my upcoming book. Thank you.

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39 thoughts on “Clouds #NaPoWriMo

  1. I have a “thing” for clouds, too, Balroop, but you describe those feelings in perfect poetic form here. These float in my mind with grace and perfection.

  2. Someone has been doing a little cloud-gazing. Beautiful haikus, Balroop, for beautiful skies. I hope spring brings you more blue skies, white clouds, and poetry. ❤

  3. Lovely poetry for these graceful clouds, Balroop. I’ve taken about a million cloud photos, too. They’re like sunsets – we can never have too many. 🙂

    1. I never cease to click the clouds especially when they drift to form wonderful images and when light peeks through them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lauren.

  4. Inspiring words! Clouds represent both hope and darkness. Darkness with rain laden grey-black clouds, hope with fluffy white clouds.

  5. Balroop, a treat for us; a wonderful combination of haikus and mesmerising cloud photos! I was going to quote some of my favourite lines but they just became too many. I love the hope and light within them all, the love of life, the deft poetic touch within each haiku! Well done and thank you for giving us a glimpse into your next book. Xx

  6. Beautiful words. Beautiful poetry, Balroop. I think about clouds every day, when I meditate and try to calm my mind. I will add your descriptions and the changing patterns and inspiration of your words when I now picture clouds.

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