Muted by the Tiny

Sunset is no longer beautiful
As it reminds me of flames
That wolfed many humans.

The smoke of cremations
Changed its radiance
Even hues of the sky seem muted.

Sunset seems that robber
Who colluded with a tiny virus
To deprive many of their basic right.

Souls soar to meet the unknown
While we look teary-eyed
As each home is in mourning. 

Soot sits on the trees
Lending darkness to the sun
Its glory snatched by the pyres.

The mighty and the powerful
Look helplessly
No defeat was ever so enormous!
© Balroop Singh, May, 2021.

This poem tries to express the emotions of Pandemic affected people of India, clawed by Covid – 19.

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66 thoughts on “Muted by the Tiny

  1. The tragedy in India with the pandemic is just heartbreaking. This awful virus has done so much damage to so many. Your poem is poignant and powerful, Balroop.

  2. Before I even saw your note at the bottom, your poem made me think of the horrible toll the virus is taking in India. So much tragedy and suffering. It’s overwhelming. I can feel your heart breaking in your words.

    1. Diana, it’s horrific beyond imagination. Not a single day passes when we don’t receive a sad news of someone being devoured by this virus. Lost a close friend and a my sister-in-law’s mother. ☹️

      1. I’m so sorry, Balroop, for your loss and for everyone who is suffering and losing those they love, especially under such horrific circumstances. Hugs, my friend.

  3. I completely agree with your wonderful and thoughtful poem, Balroop. Our country is surely going thru a very rough patch but it is not in our hands at all. We all need to pray for each and everyone that they do not suffer.

  4. “No defeat was ever so enormous”….can’t agree more with your words Balroop. This time around the intensity of the wave has been ruthless. Let’s hope and pray for healing 🙏

  5. Great poem, Balroop. I love the verse beginning, “Soot sits on the trees . . . ” The suffering in India is unimaginable. I feel almost guilty, sitting here in comfort.

  6. Beautifully expressed, Balroop. Such a horrific situation. I’m so horrified when I see it on the news. Can’t even begin to imagine. Sending prayers for those suffering.

    1. Thanks Lisa, we watch helplessly as the situation is beyond anybody’s control. Even those vaccinated ones are falling a prey to this deadly virus.

  7. You captured the loss and pain, Balroop. Such asad moment for India.

    1. For me it is a personal loss as every day I hear first person accounts of close friends and relatives. Not a single family has been spared!

  8. So powerful and moving. Thank you Balroop. My heart joins in with yours and millions of others for relief and ease from loss and suffering 🙏

  9. Dear Balroop, you bring sunset and sunrise as powerful comparison to the tragedy and the burning of humans. Never more will they look the same. I so hope one day they will. I am so sad to read and hear about the deep tragedy in India. Let our arms form a comforting balm around you and comfort in some little way.

    1. Yes Miriam, sunset has lost its lustre as the fire of burning pyres has overshadowed it. Thanks for your comforting words dear friend. ❤️

  10. A poignant and powerful poem, Balroop, and the tragedy in India is beyond heartbreaking.
    Sending comforting hugs, dear friend. ❤️

  11. Balroop, you are the second Indian-born person who has grabbed me by the gut today. We in the West can be so ignorant of the suffering of other countries and cultures. Ours can be a sterile culture, preferring to hide what we consider unsavory. But there is something to be said for societies that embrace, like it or not, all aspects of life and death and suffering.

    Side note: I have a friend who is from Kathmandu, and her family’s home is right by the charnal grounds. She said they just get used to the smell.

    It is realizations such as these that humble people like me. And we need more humility in the world today, more than ever. This pandemic has brought many to their knees.

    Blessings. 🙏

    1. Many thanks dear Bela for trying to understand the helplessness of those who are in the clutches of this deadly pandemic, the suffering of those people is indescribable. I have just made a humble effort to convey the emotions of those left behind.

  12. I’m so sorry for your loss of friends and relatives, Balroop. No words are sufficient to describe the pain and sadness of the terrible plague this pandemic has brought us. We have never felt so helpless and so frustrated. I shared your sentiment so well expressed in your poem, prayfully!

  13. Balroop, Powerful, moving, poignant. Your words share the depth of emotion difficult for most of us to put into words. Very sad about the devastating suffering and loss. Hugs.

  14. This is such an emotional poem, and its sentiments goes hand in hand with what’s happening around the world, in particular in India. I read the comments and so sorry to hear your family have been affected. Sending my thoughts out to you and your family. Hope you all stay safe and take care of each other ❤

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