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Last month I’ve read and reviewed eight books but these two stood out due to their unique format and style. So I must share them with you.

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry by Colleen M. Chesbro is an excellent reference book for budding poets who want to learn the art of writing syllabic poetry. From finding poetic inspiration to exploring ideas, discerning your sixth sense and discovering your interests, this book is a perfect guide to writing haiku, tanka, haibun, renga, cinquain shardoma, nonet and many more. Along with the definition and details of each form, there are tips about how to write various forms of poetry. Some brilliant examples add more charm to this book.

Reading this book has been an enlightening experience for me as, I had no idea about how a gogyohka or an etheree is written and that a senryu focuses on the awkward moments of life and does not deal with sentimentality. Chesbro’s pithy style is noteworthy and the clarity of her thoughts could hone the writing skills of even a beginner. Syllabic poetry and its discipline have always scared me but this book infuses a new confidence. All poetry lovers must keep this book on their desk. Highly recommended.

5 stars!

Mr. Sagittarius by M.J. Mallon is a perfect blend of fantasy and realism, poetry and prose that holds magical qualities. Short and sweet, the story of Harold and William highlights attachment to beauties of nature and loved ones. Annette’s presence holds the key to emotions that link us to each other. Mallon’s style of connecting human relationships with willow tree, dragonflies and flowers shines through out the book.

‘The Old Man of Snow and the Snow Snake’ may appear to be a fabulous fantasy but is a magnificent comment on the avarice of man, eager to plunder nature. ‘Bubble Monster’ is a delightful tale of talking bubbles, with a child-like charm but conveys a serious message – “atmosphere is everything.”

‘My Heart is a Cave’ is beautiful and poignant; as it brings out the loneliness of a sibling who is yearning to be reunited with her loved ones. Attachments cling to us. Mr. Sagittarius could forget the names of his lovers but remembered his orchid, his Ruth and his ballerina – all natural beauties! Just within an hour, this book would fill your heart with warmth that would linger around you for a long time.

5 stars!

Thank you.

Balroop Singh.

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59 thoughts on “#Bookreviews #Prose & #Poetry

  1. What excellent reviews for both books. The authors should be delighted. Congratulations to Colleen and M.J.!
    Thanks for sharing, Balroop!

  2. Great reviews, Balroop. I enjoyed both of these books and couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. Congrats to both Colleen and Marje on the wonderful books!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your review of Colleen wonderful guide book to help guide us with our poetry and the amazing review for Mr. Sagittarius. Thrilled and so appreciative. 🙂

  4. I’m impressed that you read both of these books. I’m anxious to get Colleen’s because I really want to try more and different poetic styles. And from your review, I think I’d really enjoy Mr. Sagittarius. Many thanks for the reviews.

    1. Colleen’s is awesome, I treated myself to a paperback copy. And thank you so much for your interest in Mr. Sagittarius Pam. It’s a cute book of poetry, photography and short stories even if I say so myself! Lol.

  5. Balroop, thank you for this lovely review of Word Craft. I’m so excited for everyone to try syllabic poetry. It’s something I think you would enjoy. Thanks again. ❤

      1. You’re so welcome. I use a syllable counter for all my syllabic poetry. It makes it so much easier to count. I’ll be happy to help you if you ever need it. 😍❤️

  6. Fabulous reviews for Marje and Colleen’s book. I enjoyed Marje’s book too and looking forward to digging into Colleen’s soon. 🙂

  7. Fabulous reviews on both books, Balroop! I agree that Colleen’s book is a good reference book. I learned many poetry forms from her challenges. I also enjoyed very much of Marje’s book. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Excellent reviews, Balroop, and both books sound great! Congrats to the authors. I’m sure they are thrilled with your reviews and thanks for sharing! Lauren 🙂

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