#BookReviews 5 #stars for each one!

Writing a review for a good book is like calling a friend and telling her that she is the best. Books are truly magical if they are as terrific as the ones I have for you today. Their magic is immersive and dazzling. If the sea witch is bizarre and scary, the cute fairies of Finn diffuse that feeling but the characters of Jill are adorable. A perfect balance! 

The Ferryman and the Sea Witch by D. Wallace Peach – My Review:

The sea witch wants royal blood and the ferryman’s sacrifices seem endless. ‘The Ferryman and the Sea Witch’ takes you to the fathomless deeps to resolve the catastrophe created by one order of king Thayne’s officers. The consequences of one careless act fall into the lap of Callum, who had to carry the curse on his shoulders. It is difficult to satisfy the hungry witch, who sank every vessel unless her demands are met. She rules the storms, could alter the currents and her bargains are mind-boggling.

A gripping beginning, the fury of the sea witch, the description of shipwreck and the kind heart of Callum pulled me in immediately. In her signature style, Peach creates a world beyond the realistic boundaries and weaves a wonderful tale that would haunt you days after you’ve finished this book. It is the lie of Callum that stunned me no less than the betrayal of Caspia. My sympathies rest with the ferryman, as I wait to see if he would ever be able to walk free.

This book gets murkier as it proceeds with a lot of action. The charms of Naris and Dana keeps it lighter. I admire D. Wallace’s style of unraveling the secrets one after the other, without any unnecessary drama. This is an entirely different kind of fantasy that acquaints us with many aspects of the sea and ships. I must say that I liked the ending despite all the shocking developments. Highly recommended for all kinds of readers.

Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories by D.L. Finn – My Review: 

Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories by D.L. Finn transports you to the land of fantasy, where Danny and Colette meet fairies and discover the realities connected with them. Finn’s description of fairies is so mesmerizing that you wish to visit their world and see them talking to the Redwoods.

Fairies have always allured me but these tree fairies hold a special charm because they have names, could make fire and know why humans lost their ability to talk to giant redwoods.  The way they converse about the environment and make Danny feel special immediately makes you concentrate on their stories. I am sure children would be able to connect with Sequiella.

Finn’s style and tone is amiable, her language is simple and she starts the story quickly to hold the attention of children. The book is written in first person to lend reality to the problem that the fairies want to convey. You don’t even know when fantasy merges into realities of the day. It is a delightful way to acquaint children with the need to save our forests. Highly recommended.

A Mother for His Twins by Jill Weatherholt – My Review:

A Mother for His Twins by Jill Weatherholt is a heart-warming story of two lovers who were separated by circumstances; their love for each other never waned while Nick moved on with his life but Joy got deeply embedded in time. It is interesting to see how destiny puts them back on the track to fight their personal demons and set their guilt aside to embrace life.

This book has some subtle suggestions that need to be absorbed; new avenues need to be respected, little joys of life should be gathered, as life is too beautiful to let it pass by. Jill’s characters are realistic and lovable, they know their flaws and are ready to make amends. What makes Nick admirable is his positive attitude; he wants to learn from his experiences and move ahead. Joy’s yearning to be a part of family is palpable and tugs at the strings of your heart.

A light-hearted story of nurturing love and relationships, this book has been written with immense tenderness to touch every heart. Awkward situations are diffused by twins who add delightful moments to make your heart ache for the love of children. Such books leave their sweet taste behind to savor it long after you’ve finished it.

Thank you. Happy reading!

Balroop Singh.

82 thoughts on “#BookReviews 5 #stars for each one!

  1. Balroop, thank you for these three superlative reviews! You give a wonderful insight into each book, the characters and I especially enjoyed your personal reaction to each one. How true that ‘A Mother for His Twins ‘ leaves a ‘sweet taste behind to savor it long after you’ve finished it’. I still recall this with fondness and you capture the heart of the book perfectly! Oh, I’m now even more eager to get reading Diana’s latest book and I’m glad I’m prepared for some shocking developments! This sounds best read in the warmth and light of a sunlit garden!

    1. Thank you for your lovely words Annika, I am delighted to hear them. Jill has a sweet style that warms your heart. I am glad you’ve enjoyed her book. Yes, sunlit garden is a perfect place to read Diana’s fantasies.

    2. Thanks for the kind comment, Annika. Yes, some shocking developments ahead. Lol. I’m so grateful to Balroop for her lovely review. I also enjoyed Jill’s and Denise’s books and am happy to be in their company here. Happy Reading!

  2. Three excellent reviews, Balroop. I just finished The Ferryman and the Seawitch and will be reviewing it next week. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I loved Jill’s book as well. Denise’s fairies sound equally enchanting. Congratulations to all three authors and thanks for sharing.

    1. These books provided a perfect balance Mae. From dark fantasy to the fairyland and then back into loving homes created by Jill. I loved them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thanks for checking out Balroop’s review, Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy the high seas adventure! I’ve read both Denise’s and Jill’s books and they’re lovely too. Happy Reading!

  3. What a nice surprise. Thank you for your lovely review, Balroop. I’m happy you enjoyed A Mother for His Twins. I read Diana’s book and posted my review yesterday. I enjoyed the story. I look forward to reading Denise’s book soon. Thanks again.

    1. Well, thank you, Jill. This is like a double treat to find Balroop’s review and your comment. I’m grateful to both of you foe giving the book a try and reviewing! And I’m delighted to share the post with a review of your wonderful book. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. Wonderful in-depth reviews, Balroop! I just finished Tree Fairies and agree with you wholeheartedly! I have the other two waiting for me on my Kindle. Thank you for sharing and congrats to the authors!

  5. Balroop, I find your reviews wonderfully clear and emotional; each one makes the book become tempting and filled with mystique at times. The human aspects is drawn with sensitivity.
    I have read Jill’s ” A mother for his twins” and found that I am still savouring it. As your last paragraph softly points out.


  6. Wonderful reviews, Balroop! I have the Seawitch and the Ferryman on my kindle. I can’t wait to begin. The other two sound equally intriguing. Thank you for sharing these books. Congratulations to Diana, D.L. and Jill on their new releases!

  7. Thank you for including Tree Fairies here today, Balroop:) The fairies and I are doing a happy dance!
    I loved The Ferryman and the Sea Witch too, and have A Mother for his Twins on my summer reading list. Thanks for sharing your reviews! Xo

    1. I’m delighted to share Balroop’s review post with you, Denise, and with Jill and her book. Thanks so much for your review too. I enjoyed your stories and will post a review in a week when I get home. ❤ Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by at Balroop’s, Jacquie, to read the reviews. You’ll enjoy both Tree Fairies and Mother for his Twins. Both are lovely reads. And thanks again for your wonderful review of The Ferryman and The Sea Witch. I think I’m still glowing. ❤

  8. Thanks so much, Balroop, for reading, reviewing, and sharing! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story, though it is a “murky” one. Lol. And I’m delighted to share the post with Denise and Jill. Both of their books are wonderful reads. You put a huge smile on my face today. Happy Friday and have a stupendous weekend. Hugs. ❤

    1. Thank you, Prag, for stopping by to check out Balroop’s reviews. I’m so pleased to have a book among them and share the post with such lovely writers. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I love your introduction, Balroop. Thanks for sharing these wonderful reviews! Congratulations to Diana, Denise, and Jill on the excellent 5 stars! 😀 xo

  10. Wonderful reviews and a great collection, Balroop. I look forward to reading Diana’s book and meeting the sea witch, and I thoroughly enjoyed Jill’s beautiful book, too. 💗

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lauren, and for the wonderful comment. I’m looking forward to hearing if you and the Sea Witch get along! Ha ha. And I agree about Jill’s lovely book. Happy Reading!

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