Colleen’s Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt

Image Credit: Annette Rochelle Aben

childhood charms beckon
treasures that still hold dreams
dare I discard them?


remember the stars?
inspiration to ride on
colors of our choice


all were so precious
I chose the golden necklace
that speaks of our love


you keep all the stars
I cherish the bonding gold 
pervasive pleasure


the beads transport me
to the golden eon we shared
of sheer delight

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen M. Chesebro for this challenge, which explores Ekphrastic writing inspired by visual art (photographs). Annette Rochelle Aben has provided the photo for this month’s challenge.

Thank you.

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44 thoughts on “Colleen’s Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt

    1. Oh yes Diana, childhood memories are the most precious and even a paper boat means the world at that time! That magic never fades. 😊 Thank you for comprehending the emotions.

  1. Beautiful poem, Balroop. It is amazing how childhood memories tie in with our present now.
    We carry the child within us and lucky we are to have good ones.


  2. Those childhood dreams are to be cherished and never discarded. Takes me back a few years. 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful words, Balroop!

  3. I’m so impressed by the haikus you created from this photo. I think I would have been stumped, but your poetry inspires me. And good question – do we “save” those old childhood charms??

    1. Thank you for your lovely words and for pondering over my question Pam… such charms remain in our heart even when we get separated from them. 🥰

  4. What a great poem, Balroop. “treasures that still hold dreams” is such a wonderful idea.

  5. This was a very thoughtful response to the challenge, Balroop. Very astutely written. I like the hint of playfulness and wonder that came through your poem, especially the part when you wrote about treasure that holds dreams and the stars beckoned. Childhood is carefree in so many ways. I also agree with what you said to Diana on childhood being so precious and something small like a paper boat can mean the world. I remember making tiny origami stars out of paper when I was a child and put them into bottles. That was such a fun activity, making my own stars and thinking what I made was magic – and such a fond memory. Take care my friend 😊

  6. Your poetry is as bright as the photo!
    Love the beauty of childhood imagination and freedom, the way you penned it here.
    Have a beautiful day Balroop.

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