#BookReviews: Prose & Poetry

This week I would like to share three different genres – a historical laced with paranormal, a prehistoric fiction and poetry about love. Each book enchanted me with its style and characterization.

A Ghost and His Gold: My Review

A Ghost and His Gold is loaded with historical details of the second Boer War in South Africa and I must confess I had no knowledge about this war. This book lays bare the atrocities and the brutalities that are considered to be a part of such conflicts; it also chronicles the long-term effects that they cause on human psyche. It is the powerful presence of the supernatural that keeps you captivated despite the heavy details of the war.

 Cheadle has meticulously put together the poignant plight of the families of the soldiers who dared to defy the British and fight for their rights. It is interesting to note that both perspectives of the war are represented through Pieter and Robert. The story jumps from one time-line to another various times and is told through several POV’s; also switches tenses whenever convenient – it hampers the spontaneous flow of the book. I like the footnotes that clarify local words and expressions.

What impressed me most is how well the emotions have been handled and how adroitly the characters have been developed that they sound realistic, trapped in the circumstances beyond their control. I hate Marta and my heart goes out to Estelle, I didn’t like Tom right from the beginning and developed a soft corner for Pieter – such connections can only be felt with powerful characters.

There are certain absurd expectations: like Michelle asking Estelle “you need to promise me that you’ll not harm him regardless of whether you can forgive him or not.” Who could trust a ghost? However, this is not just a simple ghost story, it highlights serious themes connected with antagonism, avarice, insensitivity and humanity. Well-done!

Laws of Nature: My Review

Laws of Nature (Dawn of Humanity Book 2) continues the story of Lucy and it is better to read ‘Born in a Treacherous Time’ to understand the challenges in the journey of primeval humans. Most of their time was spent in finding food and safety from other tribes and animals. Prehistoric fiction is intriguing and in the hands of Jacqui, it becomes convincing as well as enlightening. Her meticulous search shines through all her books. She shows the life of people of those times through fictional characters who handled all their problems with immense hope.

 Lucy’s mission is the search for a home base. She has to deal with predators; earth changes, freezing temperatures, harsh weather and difficult terrain. Her tribe has been decimated and she could sense that she is being followed but her determination is admirable. Xhosa from the ‘Crossroads Trilogy’ makes an appearance in her dreams to guide and boost her confidence. She promises change would come soon and makes Lucy promise she wouldn’t quit. Packed with action and a new challenge at each step, this book is uniquely different from usual thrillers.

Crossroads: My Review

Crossroads (Winds of Love) takes you through various corridors, which you may have visited yet missed the intense moments of exhilaration; it explores many more aspects of love, compels you to ponder and cultivate resilience. A resilient love is open to maturity but also vulnerable. 

Written in a simple and straightforward style, Jude’s poetry is seeped in ecstasy of sensual love as well as yearning to find love’s freedom; loneliness and wisdom are the rewards – paradoxical? But that is love!

“Loneliness has wrapped me in its embrace, A broken heart has tamed me with wisdom.” How true!

“Once a joy, now an ache” – that is the price of love!

This may be Jude’s debut book but his poetry is so powerful that it draws on your emotions, stirring bittersweet memories and awakens you to “love’s deceptive light.” If you like free verse and want to understand love, this is a perfect book for you.

Thank you. Happy reading!

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54 thoughts on “#BookReviews: Prose & Poetry

  1. Wonderful reviews, Balroop. You do such a great job of capturing the strengths of the books. I enjoyed all three too. What wonderful authors to have in our WP community. ❤

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful reviews, Balroop. I loved Jacqui’s book. I’ve got Robbie’s book on my Kindle…patiently waiting. Thanks for the introduction to Crossroads.

  3. What wonderful reviews, Balroop! I look forward to reading Robbie’s book as well as Jacqui’s and it’s great to meet a new author here as I am not familiar with Jude. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Very thoughtful reviews, Balroop. Thank you for sharing them. All of these books sound fascinating in very different ways. Good to know I should read Jacqui’s previous book before getting into the new one. Happy reading to you. I’m just finished Diana Peach’s The Sea Witch and the Ferryman. Looking forward to starting your new Slivers of Chiseled Poetry now. It’s awaiting my eager eyes (on my kindle) as we speak 🙂 ❤

    1. I am sure you must have enjoyed Diana’s poetic style of writing Lisa. Thanks for keeping your eager eyes on Slivers. I am waiting to hear your view about my micro-poetry. 🤗

    2. I do add information to catch you up if you don’t read the book but Balroop’s right–best read after the first. The whole series is on KU which means free if you’re a member!

  5. Great reviews, Balroop 🙂 I’ve read and enjoyed, A Ghost and his Gold. I’m reading, and hate to out down, Laws of Nature. Crossroads is on my TBR list!

  6. Well, you’ve certainly been busy. I agree with you about Jacquie’s book, of course, and you made Robbie’s book sound quite intriguing as well. And the world is always a slightly better place if it has a new poetry book in it. Terrific reviews, all. : )

  7. Hi Balroop, thank you for your lovely review of A Ghost and His Gold. You are the first person who has commented specifically on the characterisations and I am delighted by your thoughts and views. I tried to make them memorable. I really enjoyed Jude’s lovely poetry and I have Jacqui’s book on my TBR.

    1. I always keep characters in mind while writing a review, as they make the story. Their growth shows how ambitious the writer is about digging deeper into their minds. You have done a wonderful job in their development despite a demanding story.

    1. Nice to see you here Zeenat, I am glad you got inspired from my reviews. I have many more suggestions about interesting books. Which genre do you like?

      1. I have read two outstanding historical fiction books: ‘Before We Were Yours’ by Lisa Wingate and ‘Born Survivors’ by Wendy Holden – must read!
        Psychological fiction – I would recommend All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin, When I Was You by Minka Kent, A Killer’s Wife by Victor Methos. Right now I am reading another good one – Her Last Breath by Hilary Davidson. Happy reading!

  8. Lovely reviews, Balroop. I enjoyed Robbie’s A Ghost and His Gold very much. For Jacqui’s book, I’ll have to catch up with book 1. The story of Lucy fascinated me. Thank you for introducing Jude and her book Crossroads.

  9. Enjoyed reading this review. I hated Marta too and wished she had apologized before dying to Estelle or atleast had repented. I disliked Tom too and hoped he wouldn’t be forgive that easily :). Rightly said that Robbie has done an amazing job with building up her characters and making them realistic.

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