#BookReviews 5 #stars for each one

Some books inspire me to write a review midway and I usually makes notes on my Kindle, more so if it is poetry. There are others, which elicit no response from me even after I’ve finished it. I’ve been thinking what could be the reason for lack of inspiration – monotonous characters or jaded story line?

The books I share today are the ones that belong to the first category – I made so many notes that the reviews were almost ready by the time I finished reading them.

Keeper Tyree by S. Cox – My Review:

If you’ve read and enjoyed ‘Gwen Slade,’ ‘Keeper Tyree’ is even better and steamier than that, with some delightful characters thrown in to keep the interest alive. In her captivating style, S. Cox grips you right in the beginning and moves at a breathtaking speed. When Cathleen O’ Donnell hires Keeper to take revenge from the killer of her son, he appears to be a detached, hardened killer but the way his character evolves with the story, is incredible! The power of a strong, obdurate woman floors him and he has to remind himself that he is just with her for business. He knows his soul is blackened yet he yearns for the tender touch of a woman.

I have read many books of Cox and each one is extremely readable, with strong women characters who define their goals out of free will and refuse to be influenced by circumstances. This one mentions women as “wondrous creatures” and Cathleen as well as Maybell shine through out the story. A page-turner, without a dull moment, replete with continuous action, this book is one of her best. Highly recommended.

Behind Closed Doors by Robbie Cheadle – My Review:

Behind Closed Doors by Robbie Cheadle is an assortment of various styles – haiku, tanka, haibun and free style of poetry that is realistic; it touches upon various facets of life and captures many emotions in a subtle manner. Having read her ‘Open a New Door,’ I am quite familiar with Robbie’s poetry but some of the poems in this collection left me spellbound! 

Inspiring you to rise from “hot ashes” to face new challenges, develop a new perspective and “break your shackles” to reach the improbable, there are many poems dripping with such positivity. ‘Stars in Her Eyes’ brilliantly reveals her “glittering world” when she soars on the “gossamer wings, empowered by the hope to gather the “fairy dust.” Beautiful imagery! The metaphorical poems ‘Contrasting Colors’ and ‘A Fairy-tale Come True’ are superbly written.

‘He Walks Away’ took my heart away, as a mother’s pride and pain has been captured so well in this poem. I could relate to Robbie’s words:

“Her kiss is no longer wanted as he seeks the lips of the other. It’s heart-wrenching to let go…”

‘Can you see the Butterflies’ is another masterpiece, rich with imagery, impelling you to rush outside to watch the wonders of nature. Read this collection and find answers in “sweet dreams.” Such is the magic of poetry!

Secrets, Lies & Alibis by Jacquie Biggar – My Review:

Secrets, Lies & Alibis, written in the signature style of Jacquie, is a short, fast-paced read that leaves you craving for more. I was rooting for Amanda all the time, waiting for the right moment to dawn for the estranged couple. While Amanda is planning to go ahead with her baby all alone, Adam wants to come back to her. It gets exciting with each page, as quick action is thrown in which brings back old unresolved challenges. Some secrets need to be shared!

Relationships and respect remain significant in this book too. Though this is book 8 of the series and I haven’t read all of them but each time I read one, I get inspired to read more.

Thank you. Happy reading

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42 thoughts on “#BookReviews 5 #stars for each one

    1. Your reading radar gets interesting each week Mae. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiring reviews. I am reading the latest Amazon prime offer – ‘What Passes as Love’ – quite well-written and captivating.

    1. Thanks Sandra, it’s my pleasure to share your lovely books, each one better than the other and what I like about your style is brevity and character development. 🙂

  1. Awesome reviews, Balroop!! I recently finished Jacquie’s book and have the other two waiting in the wings. Congrats to Sandra, Robbie and Jacquie!!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Balroop! I’m so happy you enjoyed Adam and Amanda’s rocky romance 🙂
    Congrats to Sandra and Robbie, as well. I’m heading over to purchase their books now.

  3. I love your reviews, Balroop:) I agree Tyree Keeper is one of her best. I have the other two on my TBR list.

  4. Great reviews of three different kinds of books, Balroop. So much talent “in the room.” I’m enjoying your Slivers slowly, oh so slowly, one page at a time because there’s so much THERE in each short poem. My summer delight early in the morning on my front porch. ❤

  5. Balroop, there’s a magic to reading books that inspires one so much, that leaves one with notes galore, all ready for a review. You’ve given us an eclectic selection here. Robbie is a truly talented writer in so many genres and you’ve made her poetry collection here sound compelling. Wow! Jacquie is a tour de force with this series and you remind me that I have some on my Kindle to look at. Your thoughts on Keepers Tyree has me wanting to know more and I’ll look out for the book. Many thanks for sharing these and wishing you a lovely weekend. xx

    1. I agree Annika, the magic of books never wanes and when it comes to poetry, I can’t resist the temptation! Sandra’s books hold a captivating grip and Jacquie is a master of creating memorable characters. I hope you enjoy their books. Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  6. I’ve read Keeper Tyree, Balroop, and have Robbie’s and Jacquie’s books in my kindle. Now I’m even more excited to read them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful reviews. 🙂

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