Dreams: Beliefs & Superstitions

Today I am emerging from my comfort zone, into which I have slipped lately. When I started blogging, my topics were connected with human emotions and reactions of people. Non-fiction was my favorite genre of writing. 

Then I discovered my niche and got pushed by my muse most of the time. Poetry provided me a soft spot into which I immersed myself completely. I’ve almost abandoned writing about topics of human interest that still draw a lot of traffic to my blog.

This post is inspired from a recent discussion on dreams.

Dreams have remained a mystery yet they are unique experiences that are said to be significant, as they are a manifestation of our desires, feelings and emotions. They could be unexpressed thoughts or ideas that struggle to see the light of the day. My grand daughter says she often dreams that I am staying in her home forever, and asks me if it is possible.

Dreams could be as innocent as that one! 

Or as superstitious as this one: It is believed that morning dreams could be messages or warnings like the dream of a young lady who had an intuition that her husband was stepping into a risky business. She dreamt that he returns from his business trip with gray hair.

A dream that places you in some celebrations is considered to be a bad portent and is associated with potential bereavement in the family. Losing jewelry in such dreams is inauspicious. However, I have many times dreamt that I can’t find my jewelry box or my favorite necklace is missing but I have never faced any adverse effects! Probably some beliefs are so illogical.  

If you meet a dead relative or friend in a dream and you happen to give them something, that is said to be too bad. On the other hand, if they give you a gift, it is good. My aunt told me that her dead father-in law gave her two white pigeons in her dream and later she was blessed with twins.

Never respond to somebody’s call in a dream, that could be a call from heaven or hell!

My grandma refused to discuss a dead relative (a lady she didn’t like) for fear of her visits in her dreams. Whenever we would ask, “Ma, why didn’t you like her?” She always responded,” We’ll discuss that in the morning.”

If you keep returning to the same house in your dreams, it signifies your attachment to it. Probably that is your childhood home or you yearn to be there more often.

Being surrounded by water from all directions in your dreams or whatever route you take, if you are unable to escape, signifies anxiety. Since dreams are made of bits and pieces of our memory that blends past and present, they seem absurd like most of the times when I get surrounded by gushing water, I am riding a bike, which I used only as a teenager. Often I wake up from this recurrent dream, reaching nowhere.

A nightmare that I could never forget is that my car flies off a cliff and lands in a valley but I woke up with the impact.

Lucid dreams are most pleasant and everybody agrees that we can go back to sleep to continue enjoying them.

Some dreams can be as real as this one – whenever I can’t find a clean restroom to pee, I wake up with the realization that I actually need to pee!

In the dreams of my friend, who is an empty nester, her children are still small, running around in her home.

I’ve never noticed color in my dreams. What about you? I hope you have some dreams to share.
© Balroop Singh

Thank you.

51 thoughts on “Dreams: Beliefs & Superstitions

  1. Dreams fascinate me, Balroop. I have some extremely vivid ones from decades ago that still linger in my mind. And yes, I see colors as well as textures, and also hear sound. My all time favorite dreams are dreams of flying. There is nothing like that feeling!

      1. Yes! I actually feel like I’m flying. It always just me alone, but the feeling of soaring above trees, streets, and rooftops is amazing!

  2. Decoding dreams is a fascinating subject. Often, when I wake up I remember the dreams but by evening I can’t remember. Not that I’m forgetful but I’m unable to recall dreams. Maybe this too has some hidden message.

    1. The nightmares or dreams that we like are never forgotten. The one that keeps coming back in the same shape can’t be forgotten arv. The one in which I am trying to reach home but am surrounded by gushing water, whatever way I try to take is such a one. Do you forget even such a dream?

      1. I can’t recall having such kind of dreams. At the most, what I can recall are dreams which are unrelated. Just to elaborate, may be a situation where I’m with two unrelated people. So when I get up and recall the dream I’m wondering what it was all about? I know what you mean here but today when I think of dreams, I can’t recall such dreams. It may be hard to believe for another person but that’s what it is for me. Thanks for the inputs.

  3. This is a lovely post, Balroop. I used to have a recurring dream/nightmare where I couldn’t find my father. I was rowing a boat on water through a water maze but I could never find him. I dream about this for years. I don’t dream that often, but when I do, something often happens. I laugh and say I have witch blood because I come from a superstitious English village.

    1. Busy people who sleep less than eight hours don’t dream much, as they fall into deep sleep but yes, they do get nightmares, which are usually connected with work or studies if you happen to be a student. Speaking from experience! 😊

  4. I used to keep a dream journal by my bed. I want to start doing that again. I’ve gone a while without remembering any dreams, but lately they’ve been getting noticed. Some make so much sense when I look at what’s going on in my life others I haven’t a clue. I did once have a dream that turned into a movie about a young boy. Later my name was in the credits. This is a fascinating subject that I like to ponder on. Great topic and post, Balroop.

    1. Keeping a dream journal is a fabulous idea Denise! I usually write a poem to record my dream each morning and add some imaginative aspect too. 😊

  5. I once dreamed my grandfather passed away at his kitchen table, he experienced pain in his chest and fell dead against his kitchen table. The next day, I received a call that he’d died the previous night . . . of a heart attack, while sitting at his kitchen table. He’d had no previous health concerns, as far as we knew.

  6. So interesting, Balroop. I took a counseling class on dream interpretation and we would (in a trancelike stream of consciousness exercise) write what occurred after the dream ended. In other words, we’d bring the dream to conclusion. It was always inciteful and intriguing what the subconscious would deliver. Now I just write stories in my dreams and never finish them. Lol

      1. I know that feeling when you wake up from a nightmare… I do get whenever I read something unpleasant. 😊 My grandma’s words ring in my ears each time… “never talk about evil people before bedtime.”

  7. Dreams fascinate me and I thoroughly enjoyed your post :)) I have always had dreams that felt as good as a continuation of reality, just at a completely different level of awareness. There have been metaphors and messages that gave me insight into certain situations and relations. There have been places that I repeatedly visited in my dream, some animal friends that repeated visitors in my dream, there were unknown places in dreams that I would exactly happen to visit the next day. In the recent few months ago, I actually posted a poem that was a word-by-word description of a dream that came as I was trying to recollect and write down a dream that felt like a powerful experience.

    1. Your dreams seem so alive Prag… messages through dreams are common beliefs but visiting unknown places in dreams and then actually going there sound so interesting! I am hearing it for the first time. I too have written many poems that have been inspired from dreams. Thank you for sharing your lovely dreams.

  8. Oh, yes, I dream quite lucidly. I often write them down in the morning first thing so I don’t forget them. I find they encourage creativity when I try to write about them. Both my late sister and late father make appearances in my dreams but I don’t directly speak with them. They are ‘just there’. I’ve also had the driving off a cliff dream a few times. And I still have the odd dream where I’m in my childhood bedroom. Those are weird. Ah, I could go on and on because I love the topic. Great post, Balroop!

    1. Isn’t it strange to see those people we don’t even care to talk to in real life, visiting us in dreams? Probably the desire to make up with them remains dormant! I too keep visiting my childhood home in dreams Lisa. That speaks about our attachments. 😊

  9. Thanks for all the interpretations for dreaming. I never remember my dreams, yet I feel I’m quite active on another plane sometimes when sleeping. I remember how many times my husband shook me gently because I was screaming in terror. But I have no recollection. 🙂

  10. Dreams, so mysterious, a subject I could talk about for hours.
    It happens that I always remember my dreams and tthey are all quite chaotic Balroop! I guess interpretation depends on people and many other things.
    The worst I did is seeing me running in a desert city, chased by men and eventuelly jumping in an empty swimming pool. I saw the blood and I woke up. It took me some time to get rid of it!!!

    1. OMG! That shows your state of mind Miriam. Chaos in dreams means we are confused, don’t know how to handle the situation and a dream presents it in an exaggerated manner. Activities that create calmness help. Take care dear friend.

  11. Last night I dreamed I met a famous author, read his book, and then exclaimed that I didn’t like the ending. I offered to write a new ending. Then, realizing my folly, I begged for his forgiveness for my being so presumptuous as to think I could improve on his craft. I have no idea whatsoever what the dream meant. 🙂

    1. That made me smile Joe… everything is possible in dreams! No book is perfect and we’ve every right to change it in dreams. 😀 Thanks for coming over to share your thoughts.

  12. Thanks for touching on the meaning of some dreams, Balroop. They have always been a fascinating subject, haven’t they? I don’t usually remember my dreams; maybe it’s because of what you said about sleep patterns. But I do remember one that occurred shortly after my dad passed away (Mom had passed 5 years prior). I was a younger version of myself in my childhood home, standing in my old room. The blinds were rattling and blowing in the wind as though a storm was raging outside. But outside, the sun shined gloriously. I tried to close the blinds, to calm them down but they had a mind of their own. 🙂 Then my parents appeared in the dream, and they didn’t believe me when I told them about the blinds. Maybe the stormy blinds signified my emotions from my dad’s passing and from losing both parents by then. I don’t know, but I remember feeling surprised that it was so vivid in my mind when I woke up in the morning. 🙂

    1. You are right Lauren, a discussion about dreams could be endless. You have shared another realistic dream, which clearly is a manifestation of your emotions. My dreams happen to be more symbolic and weird, at times. 😊

  13. Balroop, a thoroughly fascinating post! Dreams have been such a vivid part of my life and at one stage I kept a dream diary but had to stop after a few months as it was too frightening! It didn’t help that I wrote a university dissertation on ‘Dreams in Kleist’ and read a lot of Jung and Freud as a result – becoming far too aware of my own dreams in the process! Whilst in Germany I started to dream in German which was interesting, sometimes in Swedish but mainly in English. Oh yes, my dreams seem to be in technicolour and sometimes so loud, like an action movie, other times reassuring and cosy, all pastel colours and sounds of nature.

    1. Wow! What a lovely response! Annika, I am fascinated by the range of your dreams, their colors and sounds. What a blessing! Today in the morning, I was half awake when an interesting dream kept returning and now I don’t even remember what it was about! 😀

  14. Your introduction is making me curious. Where is insightful, wise Balroop going with dreams? Your granddaughter’s dreams of you staying with her forever are heartwarming and I wonder…is she as insightful and wise as her Grandmother?
    You bring up intriguing scenarios here. I have always had exceptionally vivid dreams all my life, good and bad. I have heard where everyone dreams, yet only some people remember their dreams. Thank you for sharing an interesting post, Balroop.

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