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“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it,” says Ernest Holmes but life is a tide for my writer & blogger buddy Pamela S. Wight and she derives utmost joy from the tiny moments of the past and present, surfing the waves with perfect coordination. She shares her reflections in the form of short stories (each one better than the other) in her latest book: ‘Flashes of Life – True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary.’

Book Blurb:

Wow! Life goes by in a flash.

Philosophers and mystics ponder the mystery of these flashes. Pamela Wight writes about life flashes in her short stories that include family and friends, love and life’s challenges. Wight’s “Flash Memoir” promotes the belief that we all share sparks of the extraordinary that occur in our everyday life. Each short story is true and brings a smile of recognition to her readers: that life transports and enthralls us in all its confusing, amusing, challenging, and astonishing ways. Each story is light-hearted and short – like a flash – but be prepared for a page-turner that keeps you in your seat, smiling.

Here is my My Review:

Flashes of Life by Pamela S. Wight brings to life those little moments of joy, which we often miss, those emotions that remain unexpressed, those relationships that we cherish and wish we could hold on to them as they slip out of our hands, however hard we may close our fists. Wight possesses the knack of converting an ordinary scenario into a humorous one, with her witty style of writing. I’ve never read a more marvelous account of the endeavor of a fourteen-year-old girl, to straighten her hair to look like ‘Jane Asher!’

I know Pamela writes with élan, as I follow her at her blog but this memoir, in the form of little stories and anecdotes from her life is amazing! She can look at the mirror and wonder, “where’s the cute twenty-year-old? Who the hell is this freaky lady?” I must have thought that a million times when I look at myself but only Pamela could express it so well to compress it into ‘Dancing Our Age.’ Her crisp style and ingenious choice of words adds a dash of delight that touches your heart immediately. Her stories flow like a gurgling stream, cascading at times and shimmering like the first rays of winter sun.

I thought ‘Straight Hair’ would be my favorite but then I read ‘How to Embarrass Your Kids’ (loaded with fun) and ‘A Renewal’ – dripping with subtle emotions and ‘Grilled Cheese,’ which is wonderfully narrative: “kitchen as tiny as an elf’s, and it has already taken me four minutes, thirty-eight seconds to find a knife to cut the cheese.” Wight is most creative but it hits the sky with ‘It’s All Golden!’ Just look at this: “my thirty year old son, once my hard child”, as hard as sleet on soft grass. I was the grass.” I loved ‘Nap Time,’ I laughed out loud while reading ‘Burnt Toast’ and would never forget her winter coat that she wore when it was 70 degrees outside! You have to read it to find why!

I have no words to describe the superb beauty of ‘The Weight of the Soul’ and ‘Benji.’ Need I say this is a MUST READ book? I would like to give it double 5 stars and keep it at my bedside to read it again and again.

– Balroop Singh.


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  1. This sounds like a joy to read, Balroop. What an excellent review.
    And I can so relate to that woman in the mirror who no longer looks like a 21-year-old. I find myself questioning more and more when I see myself in a mirror. All the stories sound great, and highly entertaining. Congrats to Pamela!

    1. I could relate to many stories Mae, I’ve never read such a delightful memoir! Only Pam could take us down the memory lane to relive some moments of life that flew by. Thanks for coming over to cheer her.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Balroop, how can I ever thank you for such a heartfelt, honest, detailed, delightful review? I got goosebumps as you describe some of my favorite stories, too. (I can STILL smell that Curl Free goo.) I’m so glad that you enjoyed and relished my Flashes, and then took the time to tell your readers about it. ❤

    1. Ha ha! I loved the emotions of the teenager Pam, you’ve expressed them so well! And I can never forget your winter coat! Each story is brilliantly told. Love your style! I am glad you liked my review, it wrote itself within minutes. 🥰

      1. Unfortunately, those firemen will probably also never forget my winter coat. (eye roll) They probably still talk about me, my toaster, and my unseasonable attire. 🙂

  3. Wonderful review, Balroop. You give a lot of light and feeling to Pam’s Book – which by the way has a beautiful cover.
    By so eloquently telling us about the content and draw us in by choosing some poems you leave us with this…
    I want more. And that I shall. Read more.


    1. So glad you noticed and liked the cover. It’s me (!) and the publisher used a neat waterlogue app that gave it the “water color effect.” I love it also, and there are more like it, in black and white, within the pages. I agree with you, Balroop’s review really describes the feeling that I wanted to express when I wrote this book.

    2. I agree with you Miriam, the cover is gorgeous but when you look inside, you immerse so well in the ocean of words and forget even the beauty of the cover. I am sure you would enjoy this book. Happy reading.

  4. Balroop, a superlative review and wow, you capture the essence of a book that I’ve read and love! Yes, how true that Pam write with ‘élan’ and this is a book I’ve read a few times already and I’m recommending it to all my friends!

    1. So sweet to have my good blogging friends use words like “elan” and “essence” and “recommending” in their comments. Annika – I just posted your review from a couple of weeks ago on my personal FB page (I’m so shy about doing this kind of thing, but we authors… well, we gotta do what we gotta do). More than several friends got inspired upon reading the review and asked me for signed copies. Balroop, you know how much your review means to me, not just in sending readers to my book, perhaps, but in building me up as a writer, helping me feel that I’m touching my readers. Wow. ❤

      1. That’s fantastic, Pam and although I’m not on FB I’m glad it works so well for you! A signed copy is always so special and wishing you many more such requests!😀

  5. Wonderful review, Balroop. I can’t agree with you more on so many stories. They are heartwarming and entertaining at the same time. I found myself laughing long after I put the book down. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Miriam. Laughter helps us get through the challenging times, and actually sometimes helps us see that they’re not that challenging – they’re just startlingly surprising! 🙂

  6. I’ve always enjoyed following Pamela’s blog and it’s so lovely to see you reviewing her book of short stories, Balroop. Pamela really does have a way with writing and it sounds like she has such creative titles for each story. So agree little moments of joy are often moments we miss. But they are moments always worth remembering, making us feel good and always insightful to look back on 🙂

    1. You are right Mabel, Pam’s creativity keeps you hooked to her stories and a dash of fun is like icing on the cake. I am sure you would enjoy this book.

      1. I like how you describe it, a good book with a dash of fun is like icing on the cake. You got a good way with words, Balroop. Have a good week.

    1. Hi Lisa. THANK you. Balroop made my day/week/month with her review. My stories are personal, and yet so universal. We are all humans trying our best to sort out “life” and all its idiosyncrasies. Which is why a lot of my stories just laugh at myself (and in turn, each of us). 🙂

  7. I’m not sure how I missed this post, Balroop. I even checked to make sure I’m get notifications. Oh well, here now, and happy to read your review of a book I also loved. Isn’t it fabulous? Pam always writes beautifully, but this book was over the top in wonderfulness. So many great stories that it’s hard to pick favorites. And all relatable, universal to the human journey. Great review, and congrats to Pam. She must be over the moon with joy. ❤ ❤

      1. Thank you Diana, it’s Pam’s style that gives such a gripping quality to her stories. Many times I think of an incident and say, only Pam would be able to write about it!

  8. This is such a beautiful review, Balroop. “Her stories flow like a gurgling stream, cascading at times and shimmering like the first rays of winter sun.” And I love the title!!!!! Congratulations, Pam!!

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