Tyranny of Time

Today, I am trying a new form of poetry.

#Shardoma is a new form for me, as I have never tried to write it. Here are three of them (my first experiment) but all credit goes to Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge #Poet’s choice, which inspires “to experiment with freestyle poetry, as long as you also add a syllabic form to your poem.” 

Image from: Pixaby

In a crowd 
searching for someone 
Didn’t know who! 
Mute faces  
wondering: why are we here? 
Trapped by conditions

Narrow paths
Resounding chaos
Strange echoes
No outlet
to escape the tyranny 
of time that stood still

Glow of light
A sliver of hope
for millions
by self-centered autocrats
to prove their power

© Balroop Singh

Thank you for the inspiration Colleen. 

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59 thoughts on “Tyranny of Time

  1. I love this, Balroop! As Mae said, it is powerful from start to finish with a gut punch at the end. You speak truth! Great job with this form of poetry!

  2. Wow. Awesome, Balroop. Such a haunting poem and dark commentary on our times. And beautifully crafted – smooth as silk. I guess the shardoma wasn’t a challenge for you at all.

  3. Powerful picture and insightful poems. It is fun to try new formats and I love all three of yours!

  4. Wow ! Well done Balroop! I loved each line and if you had not told us that it was your first time I would not have believed you. It flows easily and we definitely get the message.
    Keep going this way! 😊

  5. So true of the times. Although this is not something new as we have had so many autocrats in the past across the world. Great lines.

  6. Beutifully written, Balroop. Your poem flows smoothly and warmly. Yet carrying within so much of the darkness
    experienced in the world. Let us hope for that:
    Glow of light
    A sliver of hope
    quoted from your poem.


  7. Wow, I love this poem! It perfectly describes the current times. Ezra Pound and his haiku “In a Station of the Metro” came to my mind while reading the first couple of words, and then the rest. Very poignant.

  8. Oh, wow–Balroop, you got political, too. : )
    You were definitely more “arty” about it than I was, though. Go you for taking similar sentiments and making them into a thing of beauty. : )

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