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My Review of Poetry: Life is like a Mosaic: Random fragments in harmony

‘Life is like a Mosaic: Random fragments in harmony’ is an eloquent collection of syllabic poetry, most of which has been inspired from images. It brilliantly captures the meaning of life, how isolation could teach us to “live and love,” how the colors of a garden inspire us to respect the gifts of Mother Nature, and what the cooing of doves reminds us of. Such is the spectrum of Sally’s themes!

Written in a succinct yet meaningful manner, each poem is insightful and thought provoking. Some of them transport you to a “fairy kingdom,” while some hold subtle messages like “true friends hold tight the shared secrets… not to be used for gain.” Sarcasm drips from ‘Is it Time,’ ‘Scepticism’ is an amusing comment on the way the thoughts of people are influenced and ‘Hope’ holds the “poet’s promise to change your future.” Then there is a special section called ‘Slices of Life’ that is the most delightful conclusion to this treasure house of experiences.

If you love syllabic poetry, if you are looking for some relaxation mingled with prudence, this book is for you. 5 stars!

My Review of Short Stories: Things Old and Forgotten

In ‘Things Old and Forgotten,Mae transports you to a distinctive land, sometimes magical and bizarre yet interesting, at other times scary and sinister. This collection of short stories is an amazing mixture of fantasy and paranormal, much beyond the limits of imagination. Each story has a different theme, each one more enthralling than the other.

Clair’s rich style of writing immediately pulls you in as, she builds an aura with words like “beach yawned wide,” “jagged fingers of stone,” “an odd sense of familiarity knifed through him,” “needles of moonlight splayed across the floor.” There are many more such expressions that exhibit her mastery over the language.

She incorporates just the right emotions, sometimes standing on the side, letting the characters narrate their story. Micah stood out for me when he tried to tell how his hair turned from “ink-black to “spectral white.” (Desert White – one of my favorites) Brilliantly written, I admire the way an oft-used theme is handled in a unique manner in this story.

Mae’s characters leave a mark on your psyche; Mrs. Conway’s resilience is heart wrenching, she pours her emotions into her painting, Beth’s silent screams gave me goosebumps, Kellan’s mysterious love stunned me though some questions remain unanswered, Angie’s and Claudie’s connection transcends beyond earthly experiences. ‘Guardian’ left me spellbound, wondering whether it is Dayr’s lust for love and life or is it his fears that took Jared into dreams. It is a marvel that these characters stayed with me to visit me in my dreams! Such is the power of Claire’s characterization. This book is engrossing and thought-provoking if you read it slowly. Highly recommended. 5 stars!

– Balroop Singh

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  1. Great reviews, Balroop. I’ve heard wonderful things about Sally’s poetry, and I loved Mae’s collection of short stories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Best wishes to both of them.

    1. Thank you Staci for coming over to share your thoughts, much appreciated. Poetry and short stories have their own charm and therefore both these books are dear to my heart.

  2. Balroop, I am touched and honored by your beautiful review of Things Old and Forgotten. I am so glad the stories spoke to you. Desert White is one of my personal favorites, so I’m especially delighted to hear that it resonated. Thank you so much!

    And congratulations to Sally for such a stunning review on her book. I’m delighted to share blog space with such a prolific and talented author!

    1. What i love about this book is the variety of themes Mae, each one holding some fresh perspective. I am delighted that you like my reflections about it. Sally is multi-talented and so inspiring!

  3. These are both fabulous books, Balroop, and I share your enthusiasm for them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and congrats to Mae and Sally!

  4. Great reviews, Balroop 🙂 I loved both books and you explained it well why they should be read.

  5. Wonderful reviews, Balroop. You write them so well. If I hadn’t already read these books, I’d run over and pick them up! Sally’s poetry always inspires me, and this book was no exception. Mae’s short stories were so original and all so different from each other – I was completely absorbed. Congrats to Sally and Mae on the great reviews. ❤

    1. Thank you for saying it so beautifully Daina. I agree with you, Mae’s stories are so fresh that they left me spellbound and Sally poetry says so much within a few words. Have a wonderful end of the month. 😊

  6. Two wonderful books — I loved them both. Thank you, Balroop, for featuring Mae and Sally through your great reviews.😊

  7. Balroop, it’s a joy to read your two superlative reviews of these special books. Having read many of Sally’s other books I’m now keen to look at this eclectic poetic ‘treasure house’ of work. Mae’s book is waiting patiently on my Kindle and I love the spiritual touch to your detail of some of the stories and characters which I’m sure will also ‘leave a mark on your (my) psyche’! I promise to read slowly! Many thanks for these excellent shares!

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