#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge

Image Credit: Butterfly on Asters by Lisa Smith Nelson

by nature’s nectar I thrive
Let me drink till dusk
kisses the sky and reminds you:
we are hypnotized by life


You took the sunshine;
alone I carve a new path
through the dark caverns
to gather tattered  remnants
of dreams and grim emotions

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen Chesebro for Weekly Poetry Challenge. This week’s double tanka is inspired from Lisa Smith’s image.

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57 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge

  1. I like how you used the word ‘intoxicated’. Normally a word with negative connotations, you turned it into something positive. We certainly can be hypnotised and enamoured by what nature can offer – sort of like a good high.

    Love the juxtaposition of words in the second one. Very cleverly done. Hope you are doing well, Balroop 🙂

    1. Your words are always valued by me Mabel. I am delighted to see that you go deeper into my poems to discern their meaning. Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts, much appreciated. 🥰

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