#Gratitude: Reminders

The tender touch of breeze
The soft sound of brook
Beautiful blossoms smiling
At the light and warmth of sun.

Happiness filtering through the trees
Moonlight streaming through my windows
Hope sprouting around me, every spring
The dusky sky, the merging hues of rainbow,

The warmth of my home
The mirth, the kindness, and
A steady drizzle of love
Seeping slowly into my soul.

The blessings of being alive,
The constant company of friends
Revered reminders of gratitude
Celestial moments of appreciation.

Assimilating the ache of setbacks
Embracing the hurricanes of life
Gratitude grants the serenity
To bounce back, to tap the infinite

To stumble upon and cherish
Those moments of endless joy
Those moments of togetherness
Sparkling on the sand of time.
© Balroop Singh.

This is one of my earliest poems, excerpted from ‘Sublime Shadows of Life.’ Thank you.

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30 thoughts on “#Gratitude: Reminders

    1. Thank you Denise. The pine tree just outside my patio keeps sending the glow of happiness. 😊 I chose this one (in the picture) I meet when I step our because of the glowing rainbow it is embracing.

  1. This is a lovely poem, Balroop. I particularly like this stanza:
    Assimilating the ache of setbacks
    Embracing the hurricanes of life
    Gratitude grants the serenity
    To bounce back, to tap the infinite

  2. To be able to embrace life, even when the going is tough. Then again dance as sun shines through trees.
    Your poem is beautiful, Balroop.
    I just saw two pigeons walking my lawn, side by side. In perfect harmony. 🦋.


  3. Balroop, an overwhelming sweep of thanks and gratitude in this poem; nature beautifully captured, the richness of a home, family and friends portrayed with warmth and feeling. Yet you recognise how hardships are unavoidable but our reaction to them is pivotal as we learn ‘Embracing the hurricanes of life/Gratitude grants the serenity’. So often we fight the inevitable and trials and tribulations of life that we forget there is another way. A wonderful poem!

    1. Thank you Annika, you’ve captured the core of my poem in your reflections. If we focus on gratitude for all we have, tribulations fade into the sea of positivity. Have a blessed holiday season. 🥰

  4. What a lovely poem to start my day! So beautiful. The picture is gorgeous too and I can see how you’ve found inspiration outside your window. This poem goes to show the timelessness of your work, Balroop and why we all need poetry in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!

    1. Many thanks for your lovely words Lisa… blessings around us are timeless, if we care to ponder over them, they fill our heart with gratitude. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. 🤗

  5. So beautiful, Balroop. That last stanza gave me shivers of loveliness. I love how you touched on all the wonderful parts of life where we can find gratitude, even when things aren’t perfect. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day today and everyday, my friend.

    1. Thank you Diana…’shivers of loveliness’ is an awesome expression! when we keep looking at our blessings, positivity pervades around us. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  6. Ah so beautiful your words describing our Environment and how we can tune into it and feel included, wanted and so loved! Thankyou for your lovely poetry balroop❤️ Sending love your way❤️

  7. Beautiful poem about gratitude from your book, Balroop. Reading this poem, I am reminded that the simple things in life are probably the thing we should be most thankful for. As you mentioned, they are ‘Celestial moments of appreciation’.

    I was looking for something to read on my Kindle the other day and chanced upon your earlier book Emerging from Shadows. I ended up reading a few poems and enjoyed them very much. Keep writing 😊

    1. Thank you so much for standing by to read and share your encouraging thoughts Mabel. I am glad you enjoyed this poem as well as some from my earlier book. Love and hugs.

  8. Visiting my blog after a long time, I come across this beauty, Balroop. Fragrant and vibrant petals of poetry flying freely from your pen. A breath of fresh air 💗🍃💕🍃

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