Holiday Blessings #Etheree

of joyous
are the ones that bring
beautiful melodies
of sweet songs, brimming with love
wrapped with emotional delight;
magnificent gifts seem lusterless
in the gathering of a family.

Holiday blessings bring us together
Christmas tree shines brighter with laughter 
that resounds around the fireplace
to warm it with festive cheer
song of life sounds dearer,
lilting with a new
dawn to dispel
darkness and
© Balroop Singh

This week’s double Etheree is inspired from Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #poet’s choice (with a twist.) Thank you for the inspiration to try new forms, Colleen.

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38 thoughts on “Holiday Blessings #Etheree

      1. Etheree is new to me, Balroop, so maybe I’ll try it sometime, and for this being your first time, you did a wonderful job. 🙂 Yes, free verse flows naturally. 🙂

  1. Beautiful poem, Balroop. I do love the tree upside down shape.
    The message that the warmth and togetherness means more than gifts is true…..children might not agree.:)
    altogether I also love Christmas and the song and cheer it brings. 🌲💕.


    1. Thank you Miriam, you are right, only when we grow out of gifts, do we understand the value of togetherness and family love. 😊 The excitement of children adds a special charm to the festivities.

  2. This holiday certainly brings families together. Hey, that tree, magnificent. How huge and lovely. Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate the festive colors you used. Adore it. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you. xo

    1. Thank you Diana, this is my grandchildren’s tree, lovingly decorated by them. Their excitement is contagious! Happy holidays to you and yours but I have one more post to share in response to photo prompt, picture chosen by me. 😊

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