Winter days may be shorter but they prove to be a blessing when your Kindle is loaded with all genres of books. Each year, December happens to be at the top when I look at the books I’d read in a month. I have many reviews to share this month. Though I never set a “reading goal” but the books I could read last year exceeded my expectations.

Word Weaving #1 is a unique combination of talent; it would inspire many more poets to explore all forms of poetry – haiku, tanka, haibun, etheree, shardoma and many more! Colleen Chesebro and Jules Paige encourage you to play with words to create meaningful syllabic poetry by introducing each form in the beginning of a section.

The beauty of verses by various poets shimmers like moonlight in this anthology of themed poetry. “Moon” – the favorite figure of magnificence for many poets, the haunting symbol of love is the focus of poetry in this book. “Harvest Moon” has been interpreted from fascinating perspectives – for Finn, it emits “celestial beams” reflected in the eyes of her pet while for Peach it “stitches lace” and makes “frosty hems on scarlet leaves.” There are many such images to enthrall your senses in this collection.

A must read for poetry lovers, this book is an excellent creative guide for beginners. Kudos to the editors for taking the initiative of introducing so many amazing poets in one book. I loved it.

‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is a delightful story of a young couple that would win your heart despite their rocky romance. Rhys meets Georgina in connection with her tottering business but likes her even before he could tell her his intentions of selling her company, which has been merged with CLO due to financial troubles.

Jacquie’s brilliant character oriented plot keeps you spell-bound till Rhys works out a solution. This is a light-hearted reading but gives a deep insight into relationships that form the basis of Biggar’s stories. There is a clear indication that Rhys and Georgina are made for each other! I love the way they meet, even their misunderstandings could regale. Well-written novella.

‘Grief Songs: Poems of Love & Remembrance’ is a lovely collection of personal pictures and tanka poems, which record the poet’s memories. Each poem complements the picture that precedes it and reminds us how loving relationships keep us connected despite the years that flee by.

Gauffreau takes you down the emotional lane, shares her personal experiences that anybody could relate to, as grief is not individualistic, it touches us in one form or another. A quick read but would really make you reflect on how each moment of life is precious. A beautiful tribute to her family!

The Kindle edition of this book is not compatible with Kindle or cloud reader but I could read it on my IPad.

Thank you.

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  1. I really enjoyed Perfectly Imperfect by Jacquie which was a fun read. Sending congrats to all the authors on their excellent reviews!

  2. Wonderful reviews, Balroop. I enjoyed The Moons of Autumn poems and Perfectly Imperfect. I have Liz’s book on my TBR list. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great reviews, Balroop, thank you 🙂 I have one I haven’t read yet, but soon.

    1. Oh yes Lisa, if you want to polish your syllabic poetry, the first book is definitely for you. Perfectly Imperfect is light-hearted fun, I am sure you would enjoy it. Happy reading.

  4. I read all three of these, Balroop, and thoroughly enjoyed them. We have such a talented community. And thanks for the mini-shout-out for my frosty laced leaves. Lol. Colleen and Jules did a wonderful job on the book. And huge congrats to Jacquie and Liz. 🙂

  5. Balroop, a beautiful selection of reviews here and you offer a wonderful insight into each book. ‘Word Weaving ‘ seems unique as a rich poetry book whilst at the same time a guiding light to beginners in the craft. I’m taken with the gentle and loving nature of Jacquie’s ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ and ‘Grief Songs’ is a book I’ve just started reading. You are right to point out the issues with Kindle incompatibility but reading on the iPad is much better anyway with so many beautiful and evocative photos. Thank you for your in-depth shares of these books, Balroop! x

    1. Thank you Annika, I am glad you like these books, each one is different yet so enjoyable in its own way. You are right, a book with pictures looks nice on phone or iPad. Happy reading dear friend.

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