#BookReviews: 5 #Stars for each one!

Some books inspire me to write a review midway and I usually makes notes on my Kindle, more so if the characters are endearing. There are others, which elicit no response from me even after I’ve finished it. The books I share today are the ones that belong to the first category – I made so many notes that the reviews were almost ready by the time I finished reading them.

Weathering Old Souls – My Review:

Weathering Old Souls is an excellent collaboration, in which two styles of James and Didi blend in a perfect manner. I have read many stories about reincarnation but this one has a unique angle with more than one soul speaking through Abigail, who slowly learns to set aside her fears and resolves to find the answers. Deeply embedded in a shroud of mystery, all the stories of the past have been woven in a brilliant manner, as nothing seems out of place. 

A powerful beginning sets the tone and ignites your curiosity about ‘Fashionista,’ whose identity is revealed just at the right time. Then the death of Abigail’s mother adds another dimension to her story, which unfolds slowly, with so many connections! It left me spellbound; it demands your attention at each step, as it doesn’t give you a moment to flutter your eye-lids!

James is a master-crafter of building relationships and his skill shines in this book too. Margaret grows up to be the angel sister of Abigail, supports her at each step and their love for each other is exemplary. Elizabeth and Bradford understand her better than her biological father and their relationship with Abigail is heart-warming. Each character displays a distinct characteristic and makes a significant contribution to taking the story forward. Even secondary characters have been crafted with incredible insight.

I marvel at the joint venture of two writers who have produced this coruscating work in a cohesive expression. I really enjoyed this book. Highly recommended!

The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley – My Review:

‘The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley’ by Nina Romano is an enlightening historical western, with an intense romance of two lovers, separated by choices and circumstances. The story allures you right in the beginning with gripping details of escape through a tunnel, and a chilling description of a ten-year old boy standing tall in the face of threat from Apache Indian. Native American culture comes alive on the pages of this book, as the plot revolves around Connor Bradley who had lost his identity the day he was abducted by Mbai. Torn between his white heritage and connection with Jicarilla tribe, Cayo learns to be physically strong but becomes an emotional wreck who could never forgive himself; his past clings to him, “riding like wings on the back of his guilt and self-hatred.”

Romano gets into the mind of Cayo to wrench out the emotions that rip him apart each time he thinks of his love, each time he thinks of his sisters and the man he grew up to be against his wishes. His guilt, his yearning for Darby and his struggle to reveal his true self to the girl he loves makes you ponder over the unknown shackles that bind us despite our efforts to break free.

Written in an exquisite style, poetic at places, this is a character driven story and therefore each character has been crafted with élan. If Darby endears herself with her simplicity, sincerity, dedication and independent decisions, Hanna is the one you would loathe. If Aunt Bea sounds cold, Aunt Mary is just the opposite. It is the plausibility of characters that makes this book truly remarkable. Highly recommended.

– Balroop Singh

Thank you.

43 thoughts on “#BookReviews: 5 #Stars for each one!

  1. Dear Balroop, I am glad I came across your excellent reviews on this post. You make the story come alive.
    Your introduction of the characters and strength and movement of the story has me hooked.
    I will buy Weathering Souls.


    1. I am delighted to hear that I could convey the spirit of the books in my review Miriam. Some books area so well written! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🤗

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these two books, Balroop. I have had Weathering Old Souls on my Kindle for a while and am anxious to read it. I know I am going to enjoy it. Nina’s book sounds like a wonderful read as well!

  3. Balroop, it is interesting how reviews sometimes develop from notes whilst reading whilst others are created from scratch once one has finished the book. I find exactly the same and at times will panic slightly if I haven’t jotted down any notes but realise it is in my head. Mostly I make notes like you’ve done here – brilliantly so for both books. I am in awe of Didi and James collaborating on this book, with such an intense and unusual theme it must have been tricker than ever but ultimately hugely rewarding! Nina’s book sounds wonderful and I did take a peek inside, hooked from the first page. What an array of strong opposing characters and together with its lyrical writing this sounds like a winner! Many thanks for sharing here!

    1. There are always some finer points in a book or a secondary character that we like but may slip our mind when we write a review, that is what I like to note down. Also, I read each book slowly to savor. reading a book just to finish it faster is never my goal. I agree with you Annika, the theme of Weathering Old Souls is indeed intense but it has been handled superbly and that too in collaboration!
      Thank you for adding so much value to this post by sharing your thoughts dear friend, much appreciated.😊🤗

    1. It is after a long time that I came across such a unique concept of old souls speaking through one character and the writing is so cohesive! Thanks for sharing your view Robbie. Happy reading. 😊

  4. Thanks so much for the reviews, Balroop. I haven’t read either of these yet. I’m also fascinated by the Jay’s and Didi’s collaboration. What a project. And it sounds like it worked. Happy Reading, my friend.

  5. Yes, writing in collaboration and working on the same theme must be a challenge and nowhere does the reader feel that the style has changed. Diana, I am surprised that you haven’t read these books, as you seem to enjoy all the genres. Both Jay and Nina are very supportive. 😊

  6. Balroop,

    I’m so grateful to you for this amazing review. I will be sharing it everywhere. Didi and I loved working together, and she pushed me to do more… I pushed her to do more… and we made each other better! Thank you.

    Congrats to my fellow author who received a 5-star review too! 🙂


    1. The pleasure is all mine Jay, I am glad you like the review. What I like the most is the way all the stories are connected – so smoothly they merge into each other. Thank you for coming over to share your thoughts.

  7. Nice reviews Balroop. I loved Weathering Old Souls, a great writing collab between two authors, James and Didi who I have enormous respect for. I’ve read them both and these two are both talented authors and lovely individuals. I haven’t read the other author you reviewed, well done for a fantastic review too. 🙂

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