#Spring #haiku

spring sings new tunes
colors spread exuberance
wildflowers wake up


we usher her in
our favorite blushing dame
scintillating spring


little smiles beckon
bees breeze in to celebrate 
sublime carnival


butterfly hovers
to embrace budding beauty
drinking with delight


baby pines dance
gentle caresses of wind
bestow warm welcome 


buds bloom with elan
oblique to catch spring light
spontaneous bow

© Balroop Singh

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46 thoughts on “#Spring #haiku

  1. buds haven opened
    new mother earth has spoken
    alive she cried
    why oh my’
    are we like this now
    so many
    too much
    and as such
    treasure these pearls of great price is why
    oh me
    oh my

  2. Nothing quite like the beauty of spring arriving, and the creativity it brings. Wonderful haiku, Balroop. Wishing you a wonderful spring season ahead.

    1. We celebrate all the seasons arv, just like festivals of India. Autumn is associated with Thanksgiving and colors, winter with Christmas, spring with flowers and summer with beaches 😊

      1. I’m sure, Great! I was referring to the inspiration and lifting of spirit. Monsoon is sought after because it marks the end of very hot and sunny season. The sheer number of songs both bollywood and folk is a testimony. Yes, it is true that every season is celebrated.

  3. Absolutely love the line, ‘scintillating spring’. Well written poetry as usual, Balroop. Great that Spring is now in your corner, and wonderful blooms to go with it. There’s just something so uplifting about sunshine and warmth. Hope you get to enjoy more outdoor walks this Spring. Hope you are doing well 🙂

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