#NewRelease: Hues Of Hope #Poetry

Hues Of Hope is the collection of readers’ favorite poems from my poetry books. These poems explore the hope that lies within our heart, hope that whispers each morning to look at the horizon, hope that inspires us to look beyond the chaotic world and take the next step to vanquish the fears that try to fetter us. It promises to take us to an oasis of peace, unravels magical moments of joy, as beams of love calm our senses. It guides us through dark alleys to show the streaks of light that shimmer through the clouds.


Like dew on our dreams,
Hope is the moonlight filtering through trees
Like whisper of breeze that warms our heart,
Hope is the promise that we make to ourselves
Hope is the silent prayer that we send in distress
Hope is the happiness that we visualize,
The horizon that we reach, if we try.
© Balroop Singh

Paperback link

I am extremely thankful to all my author buddies and blogger friends who always spread a word about new releases. Please feel free to share this post at your favorite networks. I look forward to your support.
Balroop Singh.

62 thoughts on “#NewRelease: Hues Of Hope #Poetry

  1. Oooh, how exciting, Balroop! And that cover is absolutely stunning. I’m definitely in the mood to sink into some good poetry, and yours always transports me with its vivid imagery. Of course, I hopped over to Amazon and snatched up my copy. Tweeting as well!

    Congratulations on the release, my friend! ❤️

    1. Thank you Mae for your lovely support and encouraging words. I am glad you liked the cover and hope you like the poems that focus on this profoundly inspiring word. 🤗

  2. This looks like a wonderful collection, Balroop, and I love the sample poem. The book cover is gorgeous. I’ve hopped over to Amazon and added a copy to my KU downloads. I look forward to spending some relaxed time with your new book of poetry. Wishing you all the best 💕🙂

  3. What a gorgeous cover and perfect theme, Balroop 🙂 Congrats on your latest release.
    I’m heading over to pick up my copy.

  4. Congratulations, Balroop! I love the idea of compiling some of the reader’s favorite poems into one book. And the cover is absolutely gorgeous! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you Jan, most of the readers have liked these poems probably due to the streak of hope that they show. 😊 I am glad you like the cover, I tried to pick images of hope and put them together.

  5. Hey, it looks like I’ve got a new poetry book to read. I just scored my copy off Amazon. Love the Hope poem, especially the artwork that has it framed in an open window. May your new book do very well. : )

  6. Congratulations on a new release, Balroop! The cover is lovely and I look forward to reading this inspirational collection. The poem you’ve shared is beautiful. I’ll pay Amazon a visit soon. ❤️

  7. What a thoughtful collection of poems, Balroop. Well done on putting this one together and I’m sure it will strike a chord with many others. Like what the others have said, I love the cover. It goes so well with the themes of the book and the notion of hope. Congratulations on this collection and I’ll check it out 🙂

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