Memories #Poetry

Memories frozen in time
Are melting,
Stirring forgotten tears

Some emerge from
Dark crevices of heart,
Lurching weakly

The one I buried in books
Wriggled out,
Much enlightened

The one I submerged in the stream
Of my thoughts
Is peeping out

The one I hid in the old house
Grew wings,
Craving for light

Their grief was muted
Muffled callously,
Eager to share their gloomy journey

Memories gather this time
To mourn
In the arms of a poet

Exulting at his expertise
Of offering solace – hollow
Hollow words of comfort!
© Balroop Singh

This poem is an excerpt from my latest book Hues Of Hope, an anthology of readers’ favorite poems from my poetry books. Thank you.

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44 thoughts on “Memories #Poetry

  1. This is so beautiful Balroop! I can’t wait to devour your new book. It is on my kindle awaiting my eager eyes. I plan to get started on your lovely book this weekend. Poetry for the soul ❤

    1. “Poetry for the soul” is a beautiful compliment! Thank you Lisa for your lovely words. I am sure you are going to enjoy these poems. Happy reading my friend. 🤗

    1. Savor it slowly Diana, just like hope and the calmness it offers. I am glad you could feel the power of the last stanza. Many thanks for your lovely support dear friend.

  2. Beautiful poem, Balroop, and I love this verse:
    “The one I buried in books
    Wriggled out,
    Much enlightened”
    Congrats and I look forward to reading your lovely book. 💕

      1. I am unable to log into your site to comment Deb. You seem to have made some changes and my password is rejected each time I try to comment.

      2. Arg, I’m sorry to hear that Balroop. I haven’t heard this from anyone else. I haven’t changed a thing. I do know that I have had some trouble logging into some blogs and discovered it was because my VPN was on. Even changing browsers didn’t help. Are you using a VPN?

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