#Ekphrastic Challenge #Poetry Crown #Cinquain

Photo chosen by D.L.Finn

Respect Our Blue

calm sea –
our blue blanket
waves rise to our magic
we whistle to swim together
in peace.

we ask 
just for harmony 
we love our brackish blue 
keep your missiles in your minds 
don’t maul!

Our bond
Is eternal
We have survived for eons
to discover joy despite scorn
love wins.

peep deep
see the shimmer
of blue that doesn’t match yours 
but holds unspeakable secrets
stars know.

At our choices
We found felicity 
Whilst you dwell in the storms of life
So sad!
© Balroop Singh

Inspired from Colleen’s Ekphrastic #photoprompt. This week I chose Crown Cinquain, this poem has five stanzas, each with syllable count of 2/4/6/8/2.

53 thoughts on “#Ekphrastic Challenge #Poetry Crown #Cinquain

  1. I loved it, Balroop! A fantastic complement to the photo. And this verse—wow!—stole my heart:

    peep deep
    see the shimmer
    of blue that doesn’t match yours
    but holds unspeakable secrets
    stars know.

    1. Thanks Jan, I am so happy to hear that because I really struggled with the last stanza and didn’t like the last two words but syllable count had tied my tongue! 😊

  2. Beautiful, Balroop. It seems that the dolphins have figured out how to live better than we have. Great take on the prompt. And I finished your latest book last night. Review coming!

    1. Thanks for all your love and support Diana, and yes, all living species except human beings accept their surroundings calmly, conveying profound life lessons. 😊 Many thanks for reading my latest book.

  3. If we could only take a lesson from the dolphins! I loved this and this line was perfect: waves rise to our magic. Beautifully said.

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