One More Time…

Image from Pixaby

Here the stream is so calm
As if halted by the bridge.

Here the water is emerald
As if painted by an artist.

Here the leaves are glossy green
As if polished by Mother Nature.

Here the ways are velvety
As if designed by fairies.

Here the clouds take a dip
As if swimming with us.

Here the wind sings its melodies
As if inspired by Zephyrus.

Here we meet our memories
Each one is most precious!

Here is the old tree
Its arms are as inviting as ever.

We look up wistfully
Yearning to swing on them one more time.

The birds are singing the same song
That soothed us everyday.

We try to sing with them
But our songs sound discordant now.
Β© Balroop Singh

Thank you.

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44 thoughts on “One More Time…

  1. This is such a serene image and you’ve captured it in poetry so beautifully! Well done, Balroop. I’m almost finished Hues of Hope and am enjoying it immensely. Will post a review very soon. xx

  2. How the sights, sounds, flow and beauty of mother nature remains the same, and it is within us that sometihing has shifted. What a beautiful immersive description that leads to this unexpecetd reality!

    1. You are right Prag… life is like a stream that bounces at times and has to shift its course according to the given milieu. Thank you for your kind words. πŸ€—

  3. Lovely words but the surprise await in the last two lines. I always like the fact that most of your poems have an element of nature or positivity.

    1. I had actually ended this poem at one more time but I don’t know how the last four lines wrote themselves and I had to accept them. Thank you Lauren for sharing your thoughts.

      1. Superb, Balroop. From a reader’s perspective, those twists are creative, provoking additional emotional reactions. πŸ™‚

  4. How enchanting are your words dear Balroop as you bring us within your own magical spell of words to describe such a wonderous place within Nature..
    ❀ Much love ❀

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