#Useful #Poetry Challenge Crown #Cinquain

Image from Pixaby

A brat
bought me with love
wore me with ample pride
I protected his tender feet
from thorns.

our fond 
friendship grew fast
each journey was lovely
together we traversed those miles
of thrill.

now I
sit alone here 
he has at least ten pairs
colorful and brighter than me – 
new charms. 

my plight:
dumped in the yard
glum, I stare at the stars
and presume my uselessness

till this – 
urchin picks up
takes me to his abode,
gives a perfect shine and wears me
with joy. 
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen for a weekly TankaTuesday challenge, which asks for any syllabic form based on the theme prompt. This week’s theme is “Useful.”
This poem is a Crown Cinquain, five stanzas, each with syllable count of 2/4/6/8/2.
Thanks for the inspiration Colleen.

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44 thoughts on “#Useful #Poetry Challenge Crown #Cinquain

  1. Balroop. I love your poem and how how you make the shoes the main charachter. We see it all from the life of these
    abandoned shoes. Half way I was hoping that someone would find them and wear them with joy. You didn’t disappoint. :)) Great work.


    1. Thanks Miriam, I am delighted to hear that the personification and journey of an abandoned item could become interesting. I was quite pleased with how this poem evolved itself. 😊

  2. I love feeling and knowing the joy of that kid who found himself the new owner of this pair :))) It is a treasure when you have just one or none, and the paths treaded are so precious!

  3. I love your cinquain, Balroop! How often we discard things we once loved for something newer when a little tender care could make the old shine again.

  4. This was brilliant, Balroop! I understand the expression “Useful Poetry” now. It’s also very cute and I like the idea that an urchin came along and fixed him up and brought new life to the protective boots. 🙂 HUGS.

  5. Love the poem, Balroop. It’s the same theme as one of my favorite childhood movies, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In that one, Dick Van Dyke fixes up an old car, and it repays him by saving him and his family using new-found magic abilities. 🙂

    1. Thank you Teagan, I am glad this poem reminded you of your story! Discarded things do serve their purpose and it is good to donate them before they become worn out. 🤗

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