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You would be amazed at the variety of the books that I am sharing with you today. If the young adult adventurous story made me feel as young as Lily and Christy, Mateo’s blood brother kept me at the edge of my chair and A Long Walk Home reassured me that Angels of hope are always around us. I have read three more books but would like to share only those that earned 5 star reviews from me.

The Bloody Shoe Affair by Joy York is a brilliant YA adventurous story of two teenagers who dare to venture into dangerous avenues of investigating a double murder, as Lily believes an innocent man has been imprisoned. A first person account, with exciting details and teen talk; teen tone never wanes throughout the book, and that adds an extra charm to the carefully crafted dialogues, interspersed with a dash of humor despite a serious theme. Lily’s crazy idea of stuffing marshmallows in Christy’s bra and Troy asking if any of them were wearing perfume that smells like marshmallows cracked me up! 

Joy’s characters are crafted with immense dexterity. It is the inquisitive nature of Lily that draws her reticent cousin, Christy into her daredevil plans of sneaking into the basement to locate the old jail cell and talk to the potential murderer. She believes in taking risks, possesses an amazing skill of cooking up stories at the spur of the moment, and has an incredible convincing power to impress people. An incorrigible liar, intrepid and obdurate, Lily exudes enviable confidence, which inspires Christy who nurses doubts at each step and is scared that if they are caught, she might have to spend the rest of her summer in reform school.

The strength of this book is connected with its characters. You would love them despite their irrational feats of lying and spying. It captures the true behavior of youngsters. An enjoyable read!

Mateo’s Blood Brother: Sequel to Mateo’s Law is a dark tale of revenge, action-packed with fierce attacks by Delilah, who returns in this book with a vengeance. Undeterred by the responses of the Chief of Police, Jesse and Sheriff Mateo, the wicked shape shifter is too smart for the brothers. The chase keeps you guessing till the last page, concluding in an incredible manner. The budding romance of Mateo and Blair has matured in this book and there are some steamy love scenes in the middle of busy hours of the chase. 

Cox’s crisp style adds to the pace of the story, which moves forward quickly, the investigations sound genuine and the friendships amazing. All the characters have an unbelievable strength and refuse to give up despite serious injuries. She puts just the right emotion into the relationship of Mateo and Blair. A thread of suspense hangs till the end, with the appearance of another brown wolf. I like how Sandra lightens the sordid situations with a dash of humor. This is a well-written book, just like her western romances. Though a sequel, it can stand alone. Highly recommended.

A Long Walk Home symbolizes trudging through your failures and frustrations into maturity, a lovely message of thinking about your own self and finding happiness despite all the negativity that tries to blind us. Written in an eloquent style that never falters, Finn takes you through the lives of two friends and delivers a profound message: “there is magic all year round but I am glad they take some time to think about it once a year.”

Kenzie’s pain would reach your heart; the season of joy and celebrations seems meaningless to her, as her emotions spiral out of control. The setting is perfect for the mood of the story. However, our Angels of hope are always around us to protect us before we plunge deeper into the dumps. This sweet story would win your heart. I finished it within an hour. 

Thank you. Happy reading!
Balroop Singh.

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59 thoughts on “#BookReviews 5 #Stars for each one

  1. Thank you for sharing your reads with us. I like to discover new books Balroop.
    The last one sounds good to me at the moment.
    Stay well and have a lovely day!

  2. Great reviews, Balroop. I loved Mateo’s Blood Brother, and am heading over to Amazon to pick up Denise’s book. Thanks for the introduction to Joy too. Her book sounds wonderful. Congrats to all three authors on the awesome reviews and recommendations. 😀

    1. I am sure you would like Joy’s books Diana, I’ve read two in quick succession, as her style is so alluring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🤗

  3. Fantastic reviews, Balroop! I haven’t read the Mateo brothers series yet but have it waiting on me. I loved “A Long Walk Home.” And I adore the new cover Denise created. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’ve read two of these—A Long Walk Home and The Bloody Shoe Affair and enjoyed them both. I need to catch up with Mateo series by Sandra Cox. I know she always tells a good tale and I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Mateo.
    Thanks for sharing and congrats to all three authors!

    1. I am glad our views match on both the books we have read Mae. Sandra never disappoints, as her focus on the story doesn’t wane and she tells it without any unnecessary fillers.

  5. Great reviews, Balroop! I loved Denise’s book. I’ll have to check out the other two. I’ve heard great things about Mateo’s Blood Brother. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful review and for sharing it on your blog, Balroop. You have brought all three books to life with your eloquent descriptions. I will certainly check out Denise and Sandra’s books! Thanks again for including me. Have a lovely day and Happy June!

    1. My pleasure Joy. I loved Lily’s character and her crazy ideas. 😀 Also, this book is so different from Genuine Deceit. Happy June to you too.

  7. I always love your reviews, Balroop. They seem to touch on things no one else does, and your passion for the works always shines through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Congratulations and best wishes to the authors.

  8. What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much, Balroop. And to be in such great company too. A Long Walk Home is one of my favorites and Joy’s book looks enticing.
    Thanks again for making my day:)

    1. My pleasure Sandra. Your books are so well written, they never deviate from their theme and that’s what I love about them. 😊

  9. Thank you, Balroop 🙂 I’m thrilled you enjoyed A Long Walk Home and what fantastic company to be in, both great reads! Nothing like a good mystery or a handsome shape shifter 🙂

  10. These both sound like fabulous reads, Balroop. Thanks for sharing your reviews. You write an impactful review using succinct word count. That is a talen in itself. Congratulations to Joy, Sandra and D.L. on their new releases and five star reviews!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I am glad you enjoyed the reviews of the books of three wonderful authors. They leave you wanting for more. 😊

    1. Thanks Sue, my selection of books centers around the recommendations of my blogger buddies and most of them turn out to be fabulous. 😊

  11. A wonderful selection of different genres. I love your thoughtful and insightful reviews, Balroop! I enjoyed Denise’s books but I haven’t read A Long Walk Home. Joy’s and Sandra’s books are intriguing! I’m heading over to Amazon. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  12. Wonderful reviews, Balroop. I love Sandra Cox’s and D.L. Finn’s books, both are talented writers. Joy York is a new-to-me author but your review has tempted me to check her out- thanks!

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