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Life and Soul: Book 2 is divided into six parts, each one delving deeper into the journey of a soul. Harmony’s poetry would acquaint you with your own soul and would gently guide you toward the eternal light that “always surrounds us.” Her succinct style of writing and rich imagery is the hallmark of this collection. She doesn’t let the darker themes dominate her thoughts, she tries to move on and takes delight in the positivity of life’s lessons.

‘Lonely Soul’ pines for a companion but keeps the pain within and smiles through the words, which would pierce your heart.
‘Seeking Soul’ highlights what is not love, how toxic relationships bruise, stifle and slay your confidence. Feel the power of these words from – Still Laundry To Get Done:
“Vocal chords cut, severed
Silenced with words, curt look
No fists necessary…”
And these words hit me like a dagger: Licking honey off the edge of the razor blade.”
‘Loving Soul’ is drenched in passionate love with unique descriptions of falling in love. Love poems in this section are captivating, with brilliant imagery and elation that flows in rivulets of ecstasy. This is my favorite section.

The essence of her life with all the pungent and sweet delights gleams through the last section – ‘The Life of a Soul.’ Though the poems in this book are personal, they would touch your heart, as the themes are universal. You don’t have to be a poetry lover to enjoy these poems. Highly recommended. 

A Voice in the Silence is much more than a cosy murder mystery, it draws you in with its unique characters – Charlie, Jane and Ben and lets you soar with Finn’s imagination. There is not a dull moment as the tension builds up, with Drea’s stalker getting closer despite all the security measures taken by her family friend and cop – Adam. The story moves at an amazing pace, compelling you to guess who the serial killer could be! Would Drea survive the vicious attack? Would her animal friends be safe? If that is not enough, Will Ralph comes in with his irrational demands and threatens to kill.

Drea is an admirable character, crafted with panache, as she rises to the occasion, can’t be intimidated and knows how to react in a catastrophic situation. Her love for furry friends exudes inspiration and her kindness is exemplary. She has been grieving due to the loss of her husband but she puts it aside to face the challenging situations. Love and life sound more important to her than grief and loneliness and she chooses love – a subtle message that life is far more precious than our losses. 

It is remarkable how Finn has woven an interesting book around various themes of love, loneliness, grief, empathy and callousness with a positive outlook. I enjoyed it.

I was allured to Bella, as the suspense about her character and her physical absence in Sandra Kopp’s earlier book left many unanswered questions about her personality. This book focuses on Bella Jacquelina Gaviano, the most beautiful daughter of Carlo Gaviano and his French wife Marie. The turbulent journey of Bella’s life captivates you despite all the horrific incidents that fail to cripple her free and malicious spirit. An impetuous, self-centered, spiteful and arrogant brat, she grows up with the illusion that she has descended from royalty and deserves the privileges of the elite. She wants the best of everything; she knows the ways to accomplish what she wants and figures out how to remove her stumbling blocks. From a seamstress to a coveted beloved, her life is full of bewildering occurrences. 

Kopp’s style of writing, her love for nature and her exquisite language add a literary touch to this book too. A character-driven story, it moves at a steady pace, never slacking, constantly adding new developments in Bella’s life. On the one hand, she nurtures her intense desire for Joseph whom she could entice with her exotic accent, spoken in a throaty whisper, and her dark brown eyes but she also had high expectations from her marriage to Jean-Pierre, in case Joseph becomes aloof and indifferent. The development of Bella’s character is stunning, as it gets darker and murkier as the book proceeds. You would surely say – OMG! 

It is surprising that she never introspects, doesn’t feel any remorse, never is haunted by her deeds, and is perfect in her pretense. The ending of the book deviates from its focus and introduces some new characters. I don’t think they were needed and the story of Bella could be concluded without those superfluous chapters. There is also some repetition and too many details, which could be edited to enhance its value. If you like dark fiction, you would surely enjoy this book.

Thank you.

– Balroop Singh

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81 thoughts on “#BookReviews #Poetry & #Fiction

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fantastic review of Life & Soul, Balroop. I’m thrilled! 🤩 Huge congratulations to Denise and Sandra! I’ve read and enjoyed A Voice in the Silence and will have to go and take a look at Bella now. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs 💕🙂

    1. As you know, poetry is most dear to my heart. It was great pleasure to read your poems. Looking forward to more! Thank you for coming over to support me. 🤗

  2. Great reviews, Balroop. I’ve read both Harmony’s collection of poetry and Denise’s wonderful new novel and loved them both. Bella by Sandra Kopp sounds very intense. Congratulations to all three authors!

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on all these books, Balroop. I’ve read Harmony’s new book of poetry and Denise’s new novel and loved them both. I’m intrigued by Bella! Congratulations to the authors!

  4. Thank you, Balroop, what a wonderful surprise 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoyed A Voice in the Silence! I loved Life & Soul too, and Bella intrigues me. Xo

  5. Thank you, Balroop, for sharing your wonderful reviews. I haven’t read Sandra’s books, but Denise and Harmony are two of my favorite writers. I’ve loved every book each of them has written. 💗

    1. That is so kind of you to say, Gwen. Put a huge smile on my face. Sending a ton of hugs xo

  6. Thanks for sharing your reviews, Balroop. I also enjoyed Harmony’s Life & Soul, and Denise’s A Voice in the Silence. What great reads. Thanks for sharing your review of Sandra’s book Bella, which is new to me. Congrats to all three authors. Happy Reading. ❤

    1. That sounds like a good idea to only read about it. Thank you, very happy you enjoyed it, Jacqui!

  7. HI Balroop, these are all lovely reviews but I particularly enjoyed your review of Harmony’s poetry. I am always interested to see how other people interpret and understand the same poems I enjoyed. I loved the examples you chose.

  8. The reviews of these wonderful books are great. Balroop. And it’s important to remind us of the good writing that is out there, with just a click of our fingers on the ‘buy’ button.

  9. Superlative reviews, Balroop of three very different books. Congratulations to all three authors and I agree with Pam, it is SO important to continue reminding everyone about the great books out there!

  10. You’ve got some interesting reads here. The poetry is just what I’d expect from you–no surprise that you read other poets, especially those that focus on emotional resonance. And Denise’s cozy mystery sounds fun–those are always an interesting intersection of plot and character. I’m sure all the authors were very pleased with the reviews–we both know how tough it is to get enough of those. : )

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