Welcome to Charm: A Unique Village!

If you are unfamiliar with the magic of this village, I must share my yesterday’s experience with you. I was trying to write this post and when I uploaded the picture of this book, my laptop went blank! It said: “you are not connected.” I tried all possible ways and means to figure out what went wrong, I couldn’t get connected! In frustration, I gave up and went to bed, thinking I’ll finish this post in the morning. Surprisingly my phone was working fine. So I rebooted my laptop and started once again but no luck!

Hence this post got so late.

Here I am with the book review of ‘Welcome to Charm,’ the most original fantasy I have come across.

‘Welcome to Charm’ is an amazing fantasy with a gentle romance thrown in to keep you hooked. Are you tired of digital devices? Is the stress of life getting on your nerves? Do you crave a vacation in lush green surroundings with exotic flowers without paying a penny? Do you feel the pinch of inflation? Welcome to Charm – a unique village where you don’t have to pay a penny for a burger, can live in your dream house, never would have to lock it or lease it! Sounds incredible? Tonya has a surprise for you at each step, as this story proceeds.

Abby is astounded in the beginning but finds serenity the moment she learns to accept the inevitable. So intoxicated she gets by the company of Nash and the healing touch of Mother Nature; she feels that living in Charm is like living a fairy tale. She agrees to stay and discovers the real reason why she has been brought to Charm and why she couldn’t find an exit road to reach Crestview.

There is another noteworthy  aspect of this book. Though it thrives on fantasy, it also returns to realism when it quotes from the poet Emerson: “there is nothing which nature cannot repair.” It reminded me of the “back to nature” call by the poets of the Victorian Era. William Wordsworth said, “To her fair works did Nature link the Human soul that through me ran.” Penrose uses this unifying theme of life and Nature most effectively.

The childlike charm of this book, the subtle wisdom and the way it has been shared makes it a superb reading experience. I would like to visit Charm!

If you want to accompany me, leave your digital devices behind, as they won’t work there.

Thank you.

– Balroop Singh

33 thoughts on “Welcome to Charm: A Unique Village!

  1. That is so weird that your laptop went blank. It was like the message of the book stepped in and turned it off! This sounds like a lovely book, Balroop, perfect for when life gets stressful and a reader needs a lift. Thanks so much for sharing your review. ❤

    1. So true Diana… I was wondering how could that happen, as my laptop is brand new, I changed it last year! Then I laughed it off 😀 and decided this book needs to be shared alone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend.

  2. Thank you, Balroop, for this enchanting review of a place of dreams and maybe also reality.
    As to digital devices I know how it feels and how much time you get and time for observing. Have a place like
    that in my land of birth.
    It has phone signals😊.


    1. Yes Miriam, we all yearn to get rid of digital devices but can’t live without them even for a day… irony of modern living! Thanks for liking my review of this awesome book.

  3. It seems the charm from the book infected your laptop! Wonderful review, Balroop, which makes me want to read this book right now! Congrats to Tonya! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 💕🙂

    1. I too thought that the magic of Charm is affecting my laptop 😀 but I got it right by just cleaning the carbons on the connecting wires of the internet. Thanks for liking my review Harmony, this is indeed a wonderful book to choose.

  4. Your laptop decided to wake up this morning after it went blank last night, Balroop? How strange. It happened to my laptop once. I was going to take it to Best Buy, then my husband said he wanted to take a look. He turned it on. I didn’t know what went wrong when I tried for 15 minutes.
    Thank you for your lovely review. I feel like wanting to visit Charm!

  5. This book sounds a charm… and by the sounds of your laptop experience it cast a few charms of its own Lol..
    Glad your computer got sorted…
    Many thanks for sharing…. Sending love and hugs your way Balroop ❤

    1. Ha ha… I just tried to enjoy to magic of this book a little more! The culprit turned out to be my internet. 😊 Thanks for coming over to read this. Hugs back to you.

      1. So glad it wasn’t your computer…
        I know, as I just recently had to have new keyboard installed in my laptop as letters started to fail.
        Sending love ❤

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