#TankaTuesday #Syllabic #Poetry

Today’s poetry is inspired from Colleen’s poetry challenge, which gives the freedom to choose our own syllabic form but concentrate on a chakra color to feature in our poem. Please visit Word Craft Poetry to understand chakras. I chose tanka and violet color.

vernal violet
visual delight that jolts
royal touch that holds   
just one glance satiates me
even dew lingers to love


violet bells dance
tunes of  nature inspire
winds wane to watch them
beguile me in my backyard
scenario to cherish


Ah! The healing touch,
profound awareness moments
smear my soul with peace
to feel  mystical embrace
and the shift of perspective

© Balroop Singh

I chose Violet color, which symbolizes creativity, wisdom, sensitivity and spirituality. It inspires, motivates, balances and uplifts. Thanks to Colleen for the inspiration to write syllabic poetry.

Thank you.

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61 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Syllabic #Poetry

      1. Balroop, these tanka are stunning and you summed them up beautifully. I too, love the color violet, lavender, purple, and all the shades in between. I’m always happy when I can entice you to write syllabic poetry with me. 💜

  1. Beautiful poem, Balroop. The metaphor of bells in the second stanza was lovely and daresay my favorite, though all are enchanting. You outdid yourself with this prompt. ❤

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