#SpecificForm #Poetry #Challenge

This week, the challenge is “specific form” selected by Yvette Calleiro. This form is a stanza of eleven lines, four syllables each line. (called 4 – 11) The beginning line repeats as the last line. This form has been created by Gwen Plano, I wish it had a better name!


Unseen robber,
detachment fiend
cold and ruthless
doesn’t know love 
or emotions   
pulls away chords!
with bleeding hearts
and misty eyes
we look at the
unseen robber



All pervading,
gnaws at our nerves,
percolates deep
into the bones
embers smolder,
negate logic
shadows lengthen
to envelop
deep depression
all pervading
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen for the inspiration to craft syllabic poetry.

Thank you.

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51 thoughts on “#SpecificForm #Poetry #Challenge

  1. Two for one, Balroop, and so different, though I suppose death is the ultimate of thieves. I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone is doing with this form. I really like the repeating line and how you used it. Well done, my friend. ❤

  2. When I write syllabic poetry, one never satisfies me. So I keep trying more. 😀 I liked this form, as it gives us more syllables. Thank you for your encouraging words Diana.

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