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This week I would like to share some wonderful books of poetry and short stories. All three books are a quick read and I really enjoyed them.

Variety is the Spice of Life by Sally Cronin

True to its name, this book is packed with a variety of syllabic poetry, pulling at the strings of your heart with poems like ‘Face in the Mirror,’ accompanied by a beautiful picture of the poet and her mother – a reminder of her laughter and ‘The Waltz’ that captures the joy of two hearts. Cronin’s poems are short and meaningful, most of them capture vibrant colors of life. Even drought doesn’t escape her discerning eye. Robins, starlings, bees and butterflies come alive in her poems. If blossoms remind us of fleeting opportunities, bees convey a profound message of diligence and persistence.

Sally’s short stories have always been my favorite, as they bring out the best of human values. I loved ‘The Healer’ and ‘Home Help’ but the winners are the marmalade cat and robin of Miss Lloyd. Cronin’s love for furry friends shines through her stories. I highly recommend this lovely collection to readers of all genres.

Do What You Love by MJ Mallon

‘Do What You Love’ is a little memoir that captures beautiful moments of life, giving an insight into the author’s experiences, hopes and adventures. A delightful concoction of poetry, photography and flash fiction, imagination and reality merge here to share the stories of her life in a succinct manner.

With the symbol of hibiscus flower, Marje introduces herself as a giggling and carefree child whose mentor is Lachesis – the goddess of future. How creative! It is her innovative style of writing that would capture your heart, as all three “sisters of fate” – Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos remain close to her and offer her friendly advice at each step of life.

With a pang in her heart and tears of pride in her eyes, the empty nester also shares the story of her successful daughters and is reassured by Atropos that they have to take their own path. So relatable! It is fascinating to watch the poet conversing with “sisters of fate” and the moments we cherish come alive through her poems.  

The Christmas Bird by Robbie Cheadle

‘The Christmas Bird’ is a heart-warming story of love and compassion. Stella and her sisters are celebrating Christmas when they discover a bird’s nest that had been destroyed by their dogs. Stella gently picks up the surviving baby bird and hopes to save it despite her mom’s warning that it may die of shock. They prepare an old basket into a warm nest for the little bird, feed the bird lovingly and get attached to it. The bird seems to be a perfect Christmas gift for the girls.

This short story infuses a sense of respect toward our environment. The natural instinct of caring for all the species is highlighted in a subtle manner. Loving and letting go is also underlined, as the bird grows wings and learns to be free. Written in a simple language, it is a perfect story for children if the superfluous details of the beer making process are brushed aside.

Thank you. Happy reading!

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68 thoughts on “#BookReviews #Poetry #Shortstories

    1. The cover of your book is amazing Sally and sets the tone. I love your succinct style of writing poetry and your stories are always innovative. 😊 Keep writing dear friend.

  1. Three beautiful reviews for three beautiful books from three beloved authors, Balroop. They will make perfect Christmas gifts as well. Congratulations to the three authors.

  2. Wonderful reviews. I have Sally’s new book on my ereader, waving impatiently the more days it sits there! Marje and Robbie’s books are getting added! Congratulations to Sally, Marje, and Robbie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Balroop 💕🙂

  3. Lovely reviews, Balroop. Thanks for sharing. I can ditto Jan’s comment. Sally’s and Robbie’s books were wonderful and Marje’s is waiting for me on my kindle. Congrats to all three authors. ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks Diana. These books are the highlight of my reduced reading and writing due to recent travels though I have read some thrillers to get myself absorbed during long flights! 😀 I am happy to catch up with the new releases.

  4. Three lovely reviews for three beautiful books and talented authors. Congrats to Marje, Sally, and Robbie. I have already read and reviewed Sally’s and Marje’s books, and looking forward to Robbie’s little Christmas read soon. ❤

  5. I just purchased Sally’s book, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful read! Congratulations, MJ and Robbie! All three have piqued my interest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, great reviews, Balroop. 🙂

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