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Our fascination for myths never wanes and I wonder how did they start! Colleen’s new release answers some of the questions about myths and as usual, she sprinkles them with magic dust. I’ve never believed in magic, yet I look for it everywhere. It holds a cryptic mystery, it lights crevices within me…

So this book was as enthralling as Book 1 by her: Fairies, Myths & Magic – A Summer Collection

Fairies, Myths & Magic: Book 2 – A Winter Collection is enchanting…

If the fairies of A Summer Celebration were fascinating and magical, Colleen’s latest collection – Book 2: A Winter Celebration begins with the darker aspect of the myth of The Changeling. There was a time when faeries stole babies from their cradle and replaced them with a changeling – a faery baby. The story of Alyssa is captivating; told in the most convincing manner, this myth sounds scary. The tale of a witchy woman called Gryla is equally frightening as she descends from her cave in the mountains during the Christmas season and gathers up all the naughty kids for her to make into stew! But Tomte, the House Elf  made me smile and wish that he should visit me to tidy my home with the snapping of his fingers! This book sounds the best when myths are woven around such amazing characters and stories.

Colleen shares a diverse collection of  short stories and poetry, which has been inspired from myths of the dark days of winter. Some of the ancient myths and legends illustrate how the people of our world celebrated the sun’s victory over winter’s darkness. I could relate to the traditions of the Persian festival, which is celebrated with family get-togethers, lit candles and feasts.

Colleen’s poetry is perceptive and she creates magic with her words when she says: “where sand dunes build castles in the air.” ‘Jack’s Frost Fairies’ paint a vivid picture of winter “until all things glittered under the moonlight.” ‘Poetic Spell Craft’ is a brilliant combination of thoughts that spoke to me. There are many such gems in this book that have to be savored slowly.

Sorrowful Soul by Harmony Kent is the cry of a loving soul…

Some people walk away without giving a second thought to the sensitive souls they leave behind, some are snatched away by death – Harmony’s new collection of poignant poetry, immersed in emotional deluge of heartbreak, talks about both the situations though death is more of a symbol for the loss that the poet has experienced. Everyone in this world has to face loss in one form or another but only a few can write such brilliant poetry to reconcile with it. Written in blank verse, the poems appear to be simple but you have to delve deeper to understand the powerful imagery that highlights the profundity of raw emotions.

Tormented by “untouchable phantom,” – a lie called love, the poet captures the yearning, the pain, the misery with a glimmer of hope, which is dying with each passing day, as the images get darker, denial clouds the mind and guilt creeps up; self-blame eats into the entrails of the heart. How could it happen before we “sung our swan song” is the lament that is heartbreaking!

Each poem emerges from a scorched heart, each poem echoes the cry of a loving soul that craves for belongingness. Guilt and anger can’t provide any relief. Death and depression overpower:

“The raven’s croaking caw carries the stench
Of carrion on its vile breath.
As it makes its perch on my slumped shoulders
Blinds me with its scorched-black wings…” I haven’t read a better description of depression! Outstanding poetry!
Thanks for hopping on to ‘Night Train’ and taking a “leap of faith.” You have to read how one can “make a fresh start.”

Thank you. Happy reading!

If you like poetry: click here to hear Magical Whispers

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60 thoughts on “#BookReviews #Poetry #Myths

  1. Thank you, deeply, for this wonderful review of Sorrowful Soul, Balroop. I’m thrilled the collection moved you as it did. Congratulations to Colleen on her lovely book and review! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs 💕🙂

    1. I felt my words couldn’t describe the depth of your emotional retreats in these poems. These poems touched the cords of my heart and explain so well how it hurts… so difficult to articulate but you excelled Harmony. 🤗

  2. “I’ve never believed in magic, yet I look for it everywhere.” What a fun line, Balroop. That one got me smiling. I thoroughly enjoyed Colleen’s book. The poetry is beautiful and I liked the further explanation of the origins of the myths she shares. I just finished Harmony’s book yesterday and found it touching and emotionally honest about the pain of grief. What an accomplishment. Great reviews. Congrats to Colleen and Harmony!

    1. It’s so true Diana, my logical mind tries to win over but creative side knocks it over each time it frowns on magic! 😀
      I loved both the books though they are so different. The origin of mythology has been on my questioning radar all the time! Thanks for coming over to read the reviews of these lovely books. I am glad you enjoyed both.

  3. Two great reviews for two lovely books Balroop. I loved Colleen’s book and will soon be digging into Harmony’s. Congrats to both talented authors. ❤

  4. Such excellent reviews, Balroop. I read Harmony’s sorrowful poetry, and it touched me deeply. I have Colleen’s book waiting in the wings. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just bought Colleen’s book yesterday. I’m so excited to read it but my Kindle isn’t letting me open the APP. ARGH. The poetry book sounds stunning. Thanks for sharing your reviews, Balroop. Congratulations to Colleen and Harmony on their new releases!

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