#TankaTuesday #Photoprompt – Heaven

Picture by photographer, Terri Webster Schrandt

Photo prompts kick my muse even when she is cross with me! Such a beautiful picture of Mother Nature calms her down perfectly to write syllabic poetry.

Want to see heaven?
where morning clouds glow soft pink.
come to our backyard
snow fairies dance here with glee
we revel with them all day.


Cold can not touch us
that is the bliss of childhood!
giggles thaw the snow,
the thrill of togetherness
embraced by wild ecstasy.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen and her friend Terri for the inspiration to create this double tanka.

Thank you.

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43 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Photoprompt – Heaven

  1. Balroop, this one speaks to me on so many levels… especially recalling the beautiful whimsy and magic of childhood winters.

    I also love ” Want to see heaven?
    where morning clouds glow soft pink.”

    That melts my heart!

    1. The magic of childhood lingers in our memories Mae and snow is so evocative! I’ve always felt that heaven is here, in vain do people look up at the sky when it is mentioned. 😊Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

  2. Your poem is so beautiful. Sunrise colouring the sky and the snow. Magic World filled with
    peace. Inviting us to play and giggle and build snow . Just be.castles ..To just be.

    1. I agree with your thoughts Miriam. The landscape is indeed inviting us to be ourselves… the child within is ready to jump out. Thank you for catching the sentiment within the lines. 🤗

  3. Something about the word “giggles” always speaks to me. I love the line “giggles thaw the snow” (well, I love the whole poem, but that line really stands out). Nicely done, Balroop.

    1. Giggles take me back to my childhood when it was so difficult to control them even at the risk of facing the consequences especially in a class, with teacher reprimanding! I am glad this word adds beauty to this poem. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts Staci.

    1. Syllabic poetry can be elicited, as the words are just few😀 and now I have learned that art. Thank you Diana, yes, just looking at the temperature makes us feel the cold.

      1. I enjoy writing free verse. Syllabic poetry is challenging, I struggle the most to keep it pithy. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Diana, I really need them.

  4. A double tanka! Oh how I hope for a time I can write poetry like you do, Balroop. I smiled when I first saw the photo, thinking “Balroop lives in CA – she has no idea how beautiful the snow is, and how cold and at times NOT FUN.” But your poem shows winter and snow through a child’s eyes, and I realize I better start looking at winter that way!!

    1. You are right Pam, only the one sitting in the sunshine that warms us through our French windows can think about the fun described in these tanka. 😄 though the weather has been nasty here for many weeks but today the sun is shining. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.🤗

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