#Senryu #Poetry

Anger – blind alley
an irresistible walk
for some bullish freaks


Bare teeth, bulging eyes
hurl hollow words of dissent
to intimidate


Whimsical horses
with stirrups of fervent ire
perilous morons


Do they care for you?
beware, they are pretenders
with capricious love

© Balroop Singh

Written for #TankaTuesday poetry challenge (specific form) Thanks to Colleen for the inspiration.

Thank you.

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41 thoughts on “#Senryu #Poetry

  1. That’s brilliant, Balroop! And how true that anger is a blind alley. I loved your use of “bullish freaks’ and “Whimsical horses with stirrups of fervent ire.”

  2. This is amazing, Balroop. Such descriptive but unusual words for a common human emotion–anger. It can become like “whimsical horses with stirrups of fervent ire” before we realize what’s happening. Brilliant Senryu!

  3. Thankfully, anger is not an emotion I feel or am on the receiving end much these days, but when I was younger… tornados had nothing on me, lol
    Wonderfully written, Balroop. You’ve caught the energy of rage perfectly.

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