Astute Artist #Ekphrastic #Poetry

Portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1865-1932) by John Singer Sargent, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Astute Artist

She knew her charm, she could entice within moments, she had slayed many with her looks yet this artist chose to paint the Lady of Conceited Charisma. Confident of softening her expressions, he devoted one hour everyday to sketch her portrait and left in a hurry, pretending loss of inspiration. The chagrin of the lady mounted with each passing day but the humility with which he bowed his head and promised to complete the commissioned work within a month touched her heart.

He chose lavender
that could soften the semblance 
she liked fiery red
he painted calm nuances
she yearned for a love embrace.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen for the inspiration.

This week’s challenge is Ekphrastic poetry, inspired by a work of art. I chose tanka prose. There are two basic forms in classic tanka prose: Preface (explanation) and the Poem Tale (episodic narration.)

Thank you.

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42 thoughts on “Astute Artist #Ekphrastic #Poetry

    1. I found that in her expression. I felt she would take pride in commanding, would never agree with others but she seems to hide that emotion. Thanks for your lovely thoughts Diana.

  1. And isn’t that the way! How we feel in our own skin vs an outsider trying to fit us to some ideal they have which means nothing to us! Well done, Balroop. Even if you disagree with my interpretation! 😘

  2. Balroop, my jaw literally dropped when I read this tanka prose. It is stunning!! I think you captured something in her face; I didn’t see until now. She clearly wants to be in control, but he has other ideas. This is excellent and most powerful!! 💛 👏🏻

    1. Thank you so much Colleen, I am delighted to hear that you like this tanka. This artist’s unique talent shows in the face he has painted – an elegant yet arrogant look that could devour a young heart. The flowers on the chair enhance her look. I think it’s a masterpiece!

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