#TankaTuesday #PhotoPrompt #Poetry

Coherent Colors

Colors condescend here and mingle with perfect ease. Green dives into blue to create a calm combination. Peach perches on rocky terrain. I rise with the mist to kiss the clouds.  A wondrous land beckons me far beyond the fragrance of fir trees. An empowering lift. A milky channel opens to welcome a weary soul.

An artist at work
unfurling serenity
breathing in colors
her easel is eclectic
divine power mentors her. 

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen for the inspiration. This week’s challenge is photo prompt and I chose to write Tanka prose.

Thank you.

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50 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #PhotoPrompt #Poetry

  1. I will remember these lovely sentiments each time I drive by the falls, Balroop! Once it stops snowing here they will open the dam–those waters, the mist, and the roar are all so healing and I feel so blessed to live so close!

    1. What a blessing to drive by such a wonderful place! The way colors are merging into each other, it sounds amazing. I’m mesmerized but didn’t use some expressions because I have written them in my earlier poems. Thank you Terri for sharing such a fabulous image. 🥰

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