Bliss of #Solitude

To walk
 with open arms and gather the gold.

To recline
on the green grass and dream.

To fly 
on the silvery clouds to touch the horizon.

To soak
in the glory of raw rain drops.

To sing
with the wondrous wind that frees my spirit.

To bounce
with the delicate daffodils. 

To bathe
in the moonlight of love.

To merge
in the ecstasy of twinkling stars.

To sleep
stress free and dream like a dilettante.

That is the bliss of solitude.

© Balroop Singh


Bounce with the glory
of delicate daffodils
tender sprouts beckon
© Balroop Singh 

Thanks to Colleen for the inspiration. This week’s challenge is synonyms only – Spring & Green 

Spring: bounce

Green: tender/raw

Thank you.

If you like poetry: click here to hear Magical Whispers

Or hang out with  Hues Of Hope 


50 thoughts on “Bliss of #Solitude

  1. Balroop, your poem rings of beauty and joy from first word to the last.
    “ To merge
    in the ecstasy of twinkling stars.

    To sleep
    stress free and dream like a dilettante.

    That is the bliss of solitude.”

    Quote that really describes solitude as opposed to loneliness. ❣️🦋

  2. Wow! That speaks to me on so many levels, Balroop. It’s as though I could reach through your words and breathe in all that beautiful imagery. I love this!

    1. Solitude breathes joy when we connect it with spring, as there are so many nuances of Mother Nature to savor. Yes, warmer days are awaited here too after this freak weather this winter in California. Thank you for coming out of your zone to read Diana, your feedback is appreciated.

    1. I know. You are a busy bee! Such moments do come in everyone’s life Robbie. Wait for them! 😀Thank you for taking time out for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  3. How beautiful are your words, Balroop. Every time I see a group of daffodils, I think of when I lived in the UK. Daffodils grew all over the fields, and in some of the most unusual places. The colors were brilliant against the gray spring days. This is just lovely! 💐

    1. We have a few daffodils around us here and when I look at them, I am reminded of “Ten thousand I saw at a glance, tossing their heads in sprightly dance…” and then I imagine what the poet must have experienced when He looked at them! Thanks for your lovely words.

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