Book Talk – Sublime Shadows Of Life


At the outset, I would like to Thank Kev, for offering me this wonderful opportunity of talking about my first poetry book, which is very dear to my heart.

Shadows look fascinating when we follow them, try to catch them as children or when we revel around in the prime of youth, oblivious of their darker aspects. They unfold their sombre side as we try to understand life.

sublime-shadows-of-lifeSublime Shadows Of Life

Here I am, in conversation with my mentors, the shadows of life.

Hi Shadows, I always found you sublime. Come let’s celebrate the sunshine.

Why only sunshine? We like darkness too. Need we remind you?

I know, you sway; you scare yet your messages are sublime. You are transitory, you feed on our weaknesses. The day I understood you, your reverence grew within me. You reconnect me to the past, the bruised emotions and the lost passions. You linger…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Allow Yourself to be a Better Person by Balroop Singh

Thank you dear Sally for your love and support. Self-help books invoke us to introspect and that is what this book focuses on!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

New on the shelves

Today a self-help book that aims to help you find the positive traits that have the power to change our perspective on the world and also what others may think of us.  Allow Yourself to be a Better Person by Balroop Singh.


About the book

Do you think you are a good person? Would you like to meet your better self?

Welcome to the vast vistas that this book unravels before you by highlighting the shaded areas that could never get your attention.

Enhancement of personality is a long process, which starts only when we acknowledge the need for it. Often we detest looking at our imperfections and if somebody is professionally successful, the thought doesn’t even strike.

This book enlightens you about the goodness, which lies dormant within us till we make an effort to explore it. It exhorts you to introspect and accept natural human failings. It…

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Time is The Most Unknown…

“Time is the most unknown of all unknown things” – Aristotle

Inspired from this observation, I have tried to understand ‘Time’ and would like to share it with you today.

However, at the last moment I got invited to, hosted by one of my favorite online friends, Harleena Singh. She has been so benevolent in saying that I could bring all my friends and readers along as special guests!

When I was young, very young, my innocently repeated question was: What is time… Where can we find it?

Nobody could answer it better than my dad. For him time was much more than just a measure in which events could be recorded and seen. He told me to look at the sun and its movement across the sky.

His response helped me see beyond the obvious. It opened vast vistas before me. It gave an impetus to my creative eye. Watching the movement of sun acquainted me with various hues of the sky and much more!

Are you ready to take off? Zooming off but you have to click on this link:

HAPPY READING. Please share your views. Thank you 

Balroop Singh.

Awards Can Be Fun If They Don’t Come With Rules.

Fun with rules

I have always felt more comfortable in the company of youngsters, found them closer to my heart and therefore I had to accept the fun time suggested by my youngest blogger friend, Atiba.

She has nominated me for the ‘Liebster Award’, which comes with five rules or conditions.

Let me remind you my dearest young friends how much you despise the rules or the ‘restrictions’, as you would call them.

I remember them too well because I was always trying to impose those rules and the youngsters around me called me ‘fun spoiler.’

I too want to feel relaxed and flout a few rules that have been tagged with this award!

The five rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Flaunt the ‘Liebster award’ badge on your blog.
  3. Tell 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.
  5. Prepare questions for your nominated blogs.

I just want to follow four.

First and foremost, I want to thank dear Atiba for nominating me.

Here is the badge:liebster2

Sorry, I am skipping the third rule.

My nominations for Liebster Award:

Brad: A poet and a writer, he loves exploring the world of blogging as a creative expression. He selects awesome stories from all over the world and shares them with his readers every week. Love and compassion move his heart and he passes them on through cyber hugs.

Eric: He believes in creating awareness around what really matters. He loves to laugh, listen and observe! Those observations are passed on in a succinct manner, each word heavier than the other! His words of wisdom always enlighten his readers.

Kim: She blogs about wiping out domestic abuse, domestic violence and encourages women empowerment in the memory of her sister Kay who was murdered by her own husband before she could escape his clutches.

Lisa: She shares humorous and touching stories as well as her challenges that she has faced in her own divorce. She also includes lots of tips for dealing with common divorce issues.

Louise Gallagher: Blogging is an adventure for her. A journey. A mystical voyage into the exploration of that state of being that accepts human imperfections as perfectly magnificent. Her beautiful, dreamlike thoughts can carry you along with her into her alluring world.

Questions you have to answer dear nominated bloggers:

  1. One unfulfilled dream.
  2. What is your definition of success?
  3. What is your most precious possession?
  4. A loving childhood memory.
  5. Who has influenced you most of the time?
  6. What can make you laugh instantly?
  7. If you have lost your way in a maze of underground parking, how will you locate your car, without modern technology?
  8. What according to you is the major reason of bullying?
  9. What is your biggest regret?
  10. What advice would you give to a new, young blogger?

My answers to Atiba’s questionnaire:

  1. Your favorite past-time.


  1. What, according to you, are your bragging rights?!

I don’t believe in bragging. May be I have passed that age.

  1. The 3 wishes you’d make if you get Aladdin’s Lamp.

Firstly, I would tell him to transport me to my loving home in Delhi, whenever I want, in a jiffy!

Secondly, I would tell him to get me the job I love.

Thirdly, I would tell him to make my working hours more flexible.

  1. One weird thing you believed in as a child.

When I looked at moon, I wondered how it could walk with me and even travel wherever I went!

  1. What are your 3 chief principles in life?

Love unconditionally, smile and give whatever you can.

  1. One place where you’d like to travel to.


  1. What sort of a person is the most boring or irritating to you?

The one who brags and talks too much.

  1. A thing that has happened in your life, which was like a dream come true for you…

Nothing so special.

  1. One skill you’ll love to acquire and why.

How to handle modern technology and the plug-ins of blogging.

10.What does blogging mean to you?

It is just a hobby, to spread my wings in a creative and constructive manner to engage with nice people around the globe.

Balroop Singh.

Do You Know What Is Real Success?

Success Cover

Success!! The magic word that defines our dreams! The potion that intoxicates! The path that seems so tempting, so inspiring, yet so challenging! The chase that is ceaseless, exasperating at times, enlivens our lives the moment we accomplish our goals.

Real success – an enigma for some, conclusive for others.

The definition of real success changes with time and place. It also redesigns itself according to the limitations, the cultural nuances and interpretations.


During my hours of brooding, I often contemplate about success. The question that reverberates around me is: why success eludes some people? While I try to explore the answers, my inner voice speaks eloquently:

Probably they lack focus; they don’t know their potential and are hazy about their goals. They don’t have that determination, that killer instinct to push ahead.

Often we try to relate to such situations and when I think about my potential, I get an affirmation from my conscience…I never had any doubts about that… but all other words swim around, making me a bit weak and I discover the answers to all those questions that have been perturbing me.


  • Did I focus on my goals?
  • Did I even recognize them as my real goals?
  • Did I possess the killer instinct?
  • Was I determined to succeed?
  • Was I unfortunate?
  • Is destiny the culprit?

I have talked about all these shortcomings and possibilities in my e-book:

When Success Eludes Us…A Step – by – Step Guide to Success, which has been launched on 21 July 2014 at

You can click on to look inside. You can borrow it free if you are a kindle member! You are most welcome to write a review.

Successful people follow success despite all odds; they consider the obstacles as stepping-stones. They don’t change their priorities.


I know success was never my priority. It never is for a girl child and in that part of the world I lived in, where we are conditioned to believe that higher studies don’t qualify us to be equal, it doesn’t give us all the privileges that women enjoy in liberated societies.

Whatever I achieved despite the societal beliefs and pressures I experienced, is no less than REAL success. The biggest credit for what I am today goes to my mother who refused to be cowed down by the beliefs of the society and let me go in for higher studies despite the limited resources at her disposal.

The pride that swells her heart and the happiness that shimmers on her face when she has been told that I have written my second book is inexplicable!

Have you accomplished your goals? Was success a priority for you? I would love to hear your views.

Sharing is caring. Please share your views and tweet this post. I look forward to the support of each one of my readers.

Thank you for your support. Your valuable comments are much appreciated.

Balroop Singh.