Are You A Puppet Or Like Pulling The Strings?


Are we just puppets, dancing to the tunes of our masters who keep changing?

Are we tuned to twirl and change according to the wishes and expectations of people around us?

The most powerful weapon is love, which influences us instantaneously. Equally potent is emotional blackmail.

Just watch children who can be easily trained with affection and endearing emotions.

As we step out into a wider sphere, we come across many people who can easily pull the strings and enjoy doing so!

Which side of the fence do you sit?

A marionette is usually a laid back person, does not have strong opinions about anything and lacks the determination to resist any control.

Who tunes such people?

Circumstances, people, society, family members, someone at our work place…could be our Puppeteer.

Since childhood we are conditioned to follow certain values and beliefs, which mold our personality. The environment in which we grow, the kind of people we interact with nurtures our thoughts and emotions.

Living with manipulative people who try to control even our emotions may affect us in a negative manner.

They make us believe that the whole world is like that; nothing works right without pulling the strings. They try to prove that they are always right.

I have worked with such persons. They are so efficient at creating their own puppets that many willingly walk into their den!

Flexible and weak-minded persons let it happen before they figure out how much they manage to change us.

Understanding manipulators

Once we realize that we are being pulled into the world of our manipulators, we can unfetter ourselves before they take control of our thoughts and opinions.

It is quite difficult to fathom the depth of their snares; these ‘brainwashers’ possess the clout to clutch us, without any real force.

They can overpower our minds just by talking or lurking behind the screen, influencing us through our own weaknesses.

I have been trying to understand the emotion attached to this kind of mindset – is it manipulation or inherent trait of establishing supremacy or both?

Why do we let our strings be pulled?Puppets

  • Fear of rejection?
  • Anxiety to please?
  • Inability to react?
  • Naivety in understanding?
  • Need of being loved?
  • To avoid conflict?
  • Eagerness to succeed?

Is there an emotional reasoning to tolerate them?

Don’t we encourage them by complying with their unfair demands, which keep going up, as we get accustomed to getting pulled?

Slowly we may accept the behavior of such people who try to condition us.

 How to resist manipulations?

Have you ever tried to wriggle out of their effective tactics?

Make an effort; that is the first step.

Be firm. We can convey our unwillingness to follow them blindly without being impolite. Develop the habit of taking your own decisions.

Love can never be an excuse to give into the demands of such people. Real love does not demand anything.

Don’t get carried away by their appreciation, which might be another strategy to use you or get more work out of you.

Refuse to give into their intimidation; fear is the major cause of becoming a puppet.

Be patient; study the demeanor and demands of such people and then decide. Impetuosity doesn’t help much.

Respect your self-esteem and your rights. Think freely and nurture the resilience to push all the pressures away.

Work on your weaknesses. Don’t talk about them openly as they can be exploited against you.

I have raised my questions in this post and would eagerly wait for your opinion.

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Balroop Singh.

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