Summer Love

End of Summer

In awe I looked at you
And the shimmering dew
Bashful beauty allured green shade
In your welcome they all swayed

When you tiptoed in
To lend glow to our solitary town
Your sparkling light could make
Each moment of my day bright

You illuminated our hearts
Just with your brighter days
The leaves and branches colluded
To bow to you in gratitude

Coruscating lilies spoke to me
Roses beseeched my attention
Mute watchers warbled
Fluttering fervently around me

Fledglings are flying out now
Heralding the inevitable change
Birds breathe a message
Time has come to say goodbye

Fall trots in complacently
Knocking off supremacy of the Sun
Leaves sing new melodies
But I crave for your celestial light.
© Balroop Singh August, 2018



‘Summer Love’ was inspired by KaylaAnn’s End of Summer Poetry Contest. You too can participate. Just click on the link to know more.

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Balroop Singh


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Pangs Of Change

Relationships never endRelationships
They take a new turn,
They move on…
Each relationship suffers
The pangs of inadvertent change

Change we all like yet distrust
A change initiated by us,
By our own loved ones
For those who grow dearer…
Forgetting former bonds

New perspectives, newer attitudes
Lead to shrinking of close ties
A slice of life drifts away
When they try to hide
What their voices betray

A heart-wrenching abyss of estrangement
Forms unintentionally
Long nurtured ties weaken
As people around you seem to change
Confused, you too may falter!

The hypocrisy of endearing words
Becomes hard to swallow
When the true emotions have melted
A look of disbelief, lingers
A stoic acceptance, the only choice!

Ah! the amiable attribute of acceptance
It calms all the emotions and keeps us grounded!

© Balroop Singh.

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