Muted by the Tiny

Sunset is no longer beautiful
As it reminds me of flames
That wolfed many humans.

The smoke of cremations
Changed its radiance
Even hues of the sky seem muted.

Sunset seems that robber
Who colluded with a tiny virus
To deprive many of their basic right.

Souls soar to meet the unknown
While we look teary-eyed
As each home is in mourning. 

Soot sits on the trees
Lending darkness to the sun
Its glory snatched by the pyres.

The mighty and the powerful
Look helplessly
No defeat was ever so enormous!
© Balroop Singh, May, 2021.

This poem tries to express the emotions of Pandemic affected people of India, clawed by Covid – 19.

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She Watched…

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

When morning mist allured us
And we sprinted to meet each other
To play summer games
When we were in no mood
To admire the pink sky
And sit for a while.

We, the children of the wild
No dreams could distract us
No fears touched us
Our only realm – the moor
Our only love – the games
Those were the days!

Days of ardent alacrity
When delight filled our hearts
And magic of wind was all around
When branches danced with us
Wind sang our favorite tunes
Birds watched in delight!

And now… we watch from our windows
Mother Nature has banished everyone
She doesn’t recognize even those who love her
She needs her own time, to rest
To rejuvenate
Another reminder: We live at her mercy.
© Balroop Singh March, 2020

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Wistful

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