Spiritual Awakening – Why ‘Spirituality’ Seems A Scary Word?

SpiritualityOne of my friends, who must have read my ‘One Year Journey’ advised me: ‘Keep blogging but remain as bubbly as ever. Don’t become spiritual.’

Her observation set me thinking.

Do I sound spiritual? I have never consciously tried to be one!

I may have liked those who believe in spiritualism. I could have even mentioned them as my friends but becoming spiritual is a far-fetched thought.

Do we pick up spiritualism just like a new box of cookies?

While pondering over the comment of my friend, my thoughts veered towards understanding this term and why it seems to be scary to some.

Why shouldn’t I become spiritual? Does it take all those little joys out of our life?

I know spirituality is actually associated with our psychological growth. Isn’t that natural?

I also know that it is an accomplishment as…

  • It leads us to emotional maturity and a deeper understanding of self.
  • It acquaints us with the darker aspects of our personality.
  • We can recognize the emotions that weaken us.
  • We develop the ability to embrace pain.
  • We learn to bridge the gap between pain and pleasure.
  • We cultivate the resilience to face inner demons, which we flee from.
  • We become sensitive to disparities around us.

Spiritual awakening:

It dawns very slowly; sometimes it astonishes us with its presence in some unknown crevice of our heart.

When we start discarding negative thoughts, when we begin to understand the feelings and emotions of people around us, when we adapt to changes without any grunts, when we adopt a positive approach to life, when self-healing becomes our goal – we may be gearing towards spiritualism.

Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality, as we know today has detached itself from religion and centers around values and humanistic ideas. It concentrates on personal wellbeing and inner peace.

It emphasizes on meditation, mindfulness, tolerance and ethics.

Yes, it matures us; it keeps us grounded but it doesn’t compel us to become another Buddha or his follower.

We can still run into the welcoming arms of rain whenever we feel the urge.

The pleasure of wading into the waves doesn’t lessen.

The glow of moon appears as mesmerizing as ever.

The bubbly aspect of our personality may not hit the surface but it remains intact!

“Spirituality can release blocks, lead you to ideas and make your life artful.” – Julia Cameron.

Are you spiritual?

Many of us don’t realize when spiritual awakening sends vibes of positivity. We may still be in deep slumber. I didn’t know my leanings till my dear friend noticed and coerced me towards introspection.

  1. Awareness:

When spiritual awakening hits, you feel something is different around you. It may take some time to really understand why you find peace in giving, why you condone the little irks that provoked you earlier and why compassion is inching closer.

  1. You feel a light within you:

You become your own counselor as you can understand and experience the emotional changes in your heart. You are willing to accept those changes. Often you find yourself talking to yourself and feel a craving to forget and forgive all that has been bothering you.

  1. You feel detached:

Attachments no longer clasp you; the drift begins slowly and you can comprehend that all relationships are hollow, phony and transient. You find immense solace in detachment. The pleasure of solitude becomes sweeter and more fulfilling.

  1. You feel connected with Nature:

Your relationship with your surroundings inspire you to breathe deeply, to gaze at the sky and reach that horizon, which shines with the brightest light, you start getting answers to all your questions, you know how to calm human ego. The tranquility of Nature seeps into your spirit.

  1. You feel in consonance with your emotions:

Distress, annoyance, disappointment and all such discomforting emotions merge into the harmony of thoughts. You feel free, floating like clouds, blending in the unknown blue. Your inner voice becomes stronger; you start listening to it with greater confidence.

Let me remind my dear friend that I am not becoming spiritual but I am not scared of learning more about it. If spirituality brings me closer to peace of mind and eternal happiness, I would like to explore it further. To say it in the words of John Bradshaw, “The spiritual quest is not some added benefit to our life, something you embark on if you have the time and inclination. We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey. Our spirituality makes up our beingness.”

Do you believe we are spiritual beings? Has spiritual awakening ever nudged you? Do you struggle with your emotions? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh.



Only One Way of Detachment…


Those moments of attachment or these moments of detachment…which are real?

Do both belong to us?

I often wonder… why is attachment so natural…why is detachment so difficult?

As a child, I was always fascinated by pebbles and sea- shells. Gathering pebbles was such a joyful moment! We would always run after each other to collect them and then display them, like trophies. The one who could gather more was hounded, cajoled and asked to share!

Pebbles, which had no value for people around us, seemed so precious. Attachments start so early! They are so inexplicable, so spontaneous yet so illusionary!

When I look back, I wonder how those emotions develop; nobody introduces us to them…or was it just a child like charm?

Moments of Attachment:

 Those were the days of innocent pleasure but they introduced us to attachment. Many more images of such emotions must have flashed across your mind too.

“I feel the emotion that life conjures up and the songs I write get me closer to my feelings and realizing who I am. It’s a natural process.”-Taylor Swift

 I am sure you too have such moments of life, which you want to revisit, which seem to have lost on the sand of time, which could revive those precious memories.

Those moments spent in the loving company of our friends, those unforgettable memories… of clicking pictures, those moments of completing a project or a book, of meeting your soul mate, of hugging your child…of his glorious achievements…

Those endless moments of pride!

All those moments which just flew away, before you could actually feel their ecstasy.

As we grow older, the association with those emotions, which were hardly ever felt at that time, becomes more prominent, more precious. There comes a moment when we just want to soak in them.

Emotions are so obdurate. They overwhelm, they tie you down and they don’t let go. How to keep them within limits? I too encounter this question, often.

One answer, which instantaneously looks me in the eye, is: Detach!

“The greatest asset to the human experience is the ability to navigate one’s emotions. By practicing the skill of detachment, one can successfully step back from the potentially destructive and tune into the purely positive”—Gary Hopkins

 Struggle for Detachment:

Is detachment so simple? While it is easy to detach from money, power and people, emotional attachments control us. They cloud our judgment, they refuse to let go, they are like a lump in the throat, which can only be felt.Slide1

Various ways to detach:

  • Gather those moments in the mind’s eye
  • Spend some time in reflecting
  • Tell yourself that they are your past
  • Convince yourself to learn to live without them
  • Reduce expectations
  • Stop undue care and attention
  • Change your focus
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Share your concerns, with friends.

Have you noted that they all revolve around YOU!

I have tried all these ways. Yet detachment is so distressing, so paralyzing, its thought just numbs the mind.

One time tested way of detachment is to gather all the pictures of those moments and persons; whose memories and thoughts refuse to quit your mind and make a collage.

Paste that collage at such a place from where you can see it everyday. Let the memories crowd your mind all the time.

Whenever you are free, sit near that collage; sip a cup of tea or coffee in its company. A day will come when it will start talking to you.

I have always wondered what if pictures could talk! It may seem incredible but they do talk if you keep looking at them, day after day!

Strangely, you realize that you are no longer a part of those pictures; you feel cut off, floating away in time.

Meditation is another very effective way of calming your mind and emotions. Try to meditate in the company of that collage. If you keep looking at it while meditating, you will realize that it will cease to exist.

Detachment descends slowly but surely. When it actually hits, you feel lighter. A strange light guides you out of all those gloomy thoughts and you are hit by a pleasant blizzard!

Moments of Re-attachment!

These moments of eternal bliss start with the entry of the first grand child and all that talk of detachment vanishes into the thin air…you feel in the seventh heaven as her smiles demand all your attention, her sweet shrieks fill the air around you with strange joy and her little feet struggle to take the first step! Suddenly you feel full of life again…you feel attached!

Aren’t the questions of life so enigmatic?

Do you feel the need for detachment? Is detachment challenging for you? Are there any moments, which were as precious as those pebbles or sea-shells? You can share your valuable thoughts here.

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Balroop Singh