Snow Within Us? #Thaw

Snow within us

It may have snowed last night
But I would walk out to meet you
The pebbly path may be slippery
But I can find the footholds to reach you

My snow boots may be old
But they would carry me along
It may be warm here
But I can carry it in my sedulous song

Your heart may be cold
But I would ignite it with the fire
That burns bright within us
The flames that you always admire

The sun may be hidden
But it would shine brighter to thaw
The coldness in and out
Our love can never withdraw

Never at the threat of intruders
Who try to alienate ardent lovers
Who try to accentuate acrimony
In the name of cultural covers.
© Balroop Singh

Inspired from Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt Thaw. Thanks dear friend.

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I persevere…I continue…



The ascent was slow…
The bars so taxing,
The pitfalls so glaring
Some I stumbled into.

The impediments choking
The watchdogs quiescent,
Waiting to scowl and sneer
At my achievements.

Craving to keep up
Sometimes I leaped up
To trounce those wicked eyes,
Their evil designs.

Did I ever care?
Fear never threatened me
My own faith in me
Strengthened me, my conviction.

I will reach the top
I always keep my promises
My optimism as alive as ever
I persevere…I continue…

I have restarted my climb
Each bar is now more intriguing
Each step is more fulfilling
Zenith is waiting! For me!

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