How Faith Grows…Only One Way to Absorb it!

67143A63293741479FFDC079ACE506CA.ashxI have often pondered over the word: ‘Faith’…asked many people about their opinion, discussed with my students too but could never be fully convinced about the arguments in its favor.

Probably ‘Faith’ was never forced on me and since I had the freedom to choose it or leave it, I never made an attempt to understand it. But I was always curious and whenever I threw this question to my students, I was bewildered by their response.

In a class of 40-45 students, the hands that went up in belief were almost all! One or two students, who wouldn’t put up their hands, were asked to explain more and one of the most honest answers that I can never forget was: “I believe in God because my parents tell me to, but I am confused.”

The answer gave me great relief…at least there was someone who shared my thoughts, at least one odd voice!

I always had my unanswered questions, my moments of wrath and protest against blind faith; I always would wonder why God is so unreasonable…till I read this:

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”—Max Lucado.

How could He be right in giving so much suffering to some and so much love and happiness to others, absolutely no rights to some and all the privileges to others.

Is faith ‘spiritualized imagination’? Or a ‘passionate intuition’?

Though I have figured out most of the answers, many questions still keep cropping up. Now I try to snub them because the way Faith unfolded itself to me, I was left speechless. With the passage of time we tend to brush aside such exhilarating moments, I keep reminding myself.

All my doubts melted at that moment, all those questions that I kept raising to myself vanished when I felt the presence of God around me. Yes, I agree with you…how could that be possible? I also agree when you call this a hallucination or my imagination; even I would say the same, if somebody tells me so!

Let me reconstruct that moment for you. One day as I was going to my work, early in the morning, the speed of my car was nearly 80 (well, I was living in Delhi at that point of time) and I happened to touch the central curb.

Obviously my car flew away and landed after three somersaults. I went completely numb, with only two thoughts in my mind: Oh… it’s all over! Oh…my little children, what will they do without me! That is the moment I am talking about.

The moment that introduced me to the real word: FAITH. Now I knew why is it so much woven into the fabric of our life, why is it so inseparable from us? I knew how it proves itself, slowly even to the most skeptical. I knew why people propounded it so much.

But it raised more questions: How could I escape unhurt, just with a few bruises? How could I walk home myself? Why did He come to my rescue…I had rarely prayed to Him with full conviction?

Faith does not sway the decisions of God, however hard we may wish him to, eventually it changes us, makes us realize certain hard facts of life and makes us more positive and tolerant:images

  • It keeps our hope alive.
  • It keeps us emotionally healthy.
  • Develops respect for ethics and values.
  • Relieves stress and worry.
  • Is Instrumental in healing physical and mental wounds.

“Faith is the spark that ignites the impossible and causes it to become possible. When a person’s faith is activated, it sets in motion supernatural power that enables that person to do what he normally would never be able to do!”—Rick Renner.

We may be hazy about it but it develops slowly and surely. True faith is the one, which comes from within.

I would love to hear from you, friends. How did you discover faith? Were you easily convinced or did Divine presence mesmerize you, like me?

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Balroop Singh.