6 Emotions That Can Guide Us Towards Success!

Success and emotions

The corridors of success are illuminated by our emotions but their role is often underestimated.

Do you know which emotions stimulate us towards success?

You have often met them but never paid much attention.

Albert Einstein’s advice is so relevant even today – “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

A man of value is guided more by emotions; he knows he will meet them on the way up the ladder of success. His journey may be slow and arduous but the outcome is always more fulfilling.

Real success is determined by these emotions:


Happiness may lie within, as most people say but it begins with those moments of realization when we discover our passion, our goal and our path to that horizon, which we want to reach. The moment we recognize what is good for us, what gives us more happiness, that is the moment of great achievement. Look for that moment. The sooner you discover it, the better it would be for your success.


Hope is that bird, which keeps humming into our ears that the success we seek, is attainable. It keeps reminding us that with perseverance and determination, we can overcome all those hurdles, which may scuttle our success. It endows us with extra energy to meet all those challenges, which may seem insurmountable; it unravels that luminous path, which enlightens all the dark alleys of our mind.


Desire lies dormant in our hearts; slowly it keeps getting stronger and ignites the will to be like our role models. It impels us to have faith in our capabilities; it pushes us to follow our passion. It is the desire to come up to the expectations of our parents and teachers, the desire to do as well as our peers and siblings, which makes us strive to go up the ladder of success.


It is the fear of failure that keeps us motivated. Fear may be a negative emotion but the boost that it provides to our instincts is definitely positive. Tell yourself…what if I fail? That would NOT be the end of life. I can always start again. What if there is competition? We can only excel if there are some challenges before us. This life is so boring without them.


It is the trust in those wonderful people, our first emotional anchors, our parents, siblings and friends that cements our confidence in our pursuit of success. Their valuable support reassures us that we are on the right track. If we share our dreams, worries and plans with them, they feel pleasure in guiding us emotionally as well as financially. “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”—Abraham Lincoln


No successful man could reach his goal in a day. It took him hours of uninterrupted work, days of planning ahead, months of slogging and years of persistent effort to become successful. Nobody can jump the bars of a ladder and reach the top. You have to climb up slowly and steadily, with patience and faith in your ability to persevere.

There is a very thin line between emotions and ethics. If we possess the capability to work sincerely, if we can maintain that much needed harmony between values and emotions, we can fulfill all our dreams of success.

If we are passionate about those dreams, if we get emotionally charged to get the results, if we possess that killer instinct, that confidence, which develops slowly; success has to bow before us!

Are you emotionally related to success? What does success mean to you? I would love to hear from you.

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