The Dance

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

Ah! The invitation! The exhilaration!
A dream come true!

She looked forward to the dance party – an annual ritual that she had seen from the seams. Today she would be the center of attraction – the lady with the veil, an enigma for everyone.

Eager to see the lady, we started the long trek to the magical land, hoping to reach before getting dehydrated. A mirage that seemed so near yet kept receding.

A greenway led us to the circular dance stage. Mist melted as we neared the venue.

One beat converted the stones into drums. We watched, mesmerized by the music. The sun suddenly grew dim, as if commanded by some unknown force.

The crescendo could be heard beyond eternity.

And there she was! A perfect figure, as if chiseled by an artist, making her first appearance. Twirling round and round, creating a divine circle around her…no beginning…no ending, just like the circle of life – palpable, perpetual.

Many yearned to touch her but a weird circle of light whirled around her. Slowly she drifted into dusk. Just like life.
©Balroop Singh.

Thanks to Sue Vincent for a lovely Thursday #writephoto Dance.

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