How Reading Affects Our Personal Development #WorldBookDay


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World Book Day – a day that celebrates reading, a day that always inspires me to renew my love for books and share it, a day that reminds me how meaningless life would be without books!

Reading has not only given me pleasure, added brilliance to my gloomy hours but has also enriched my life in various ways.

It has made me wiser, healthier, resilient and emotionally balanced. It helps me converse with the greatest thinkers and dreamers.

“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries.” – Rene Descartes

Reading inspiring stories reassures me that inspiration could be found anywhere, even in the tears of detachment. Fictional characters too have the potential to enthuse new energy into us.

Redefines anguish:

Reading gives us the capacity to understand, to absorb and to figure out that anguish, loss, grief is a universal phenomenon. Getting stuck in our suffering can block our own growth.

When you equate your painful experiences with others, they seem trivial and you learn to deal with them. The connection becomes the healing factor.

Gives a fresh perspective:

Reading drags you out of your cocoon to watch the world with a fresh perspective, which develops when you are exposed to various views.

Pain, misfortune and emotional hurts are inevitable. It is futile to immerse ourselves in the setbacks of life because sooner or later we have to abandon this baggage to move ahead.

Takes us places:

Reading helps us escape the mundane events of life, it takes us to places, which we could have never visited; it defines our purpose of living; absorb the ideas that appeal to us and then analyze them.

The best moments of our life are created by reading; the best flights of imagination are crafted by the words of a writer who can create a scenario, which transports us into the realms of our choice and stay there frozen in time.

Realities of life come alive:

Stories of guilt, horror and forgiveness acquaint us with those realities of life, which could remain hidden from us. The atrocities of the past, the oppression and discrimination recorded in the annals of history unfold before us when we read.

Even those who choose light, romantic stories get a whiff of the truths of love and life and learn that freedom to live our life the way we want to, was not always possible and is still a far cry for many.Reading quote

Connections and social relationships get better:

The magical power of friendship and reverence, social interaction and kindness is revealed through reading fiction. We can learn some profound lessons of life from fictional characters.

Reading enhances our emotional quotient, our capability of understanding people, complex human behavior and their frailties. I didn’t know how forgiveness could free us from self-imprisonment till I read about it.

Virtues of life can be felt:

Have you noticed how a virtuous character leaves a lasting impression on your mind? Nobody likes a villain who is always conniving to make life difficult but we learn to distinguish between the good and the bad from his devious ways.

“Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” – Joseph Addison

Develops analytical skills:

Reading poetry honed my aesthetic and analytical skills and has made me more sensitive towards the beauties around me. It also introduced me to the finer emotions of humanity.

Has reading affected your personality? I would love to hear your perspective.

Thank you for reading this. Please add your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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Balroop Singh.



9 Ways To Knock Off Arrogance


ArroganceI have already written about arrogance and how it can be harmful for us. If you haven’t read those posts and want to start from the beginning, you can click on the following links:

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Arrogance becomes detrimental when we accept it as an essential part of our personality. Can arrogance be divested? It may be quite challenging but not impossible.

ARROGANCE…the word that conjures up negative images, the word whose connotation is often misconstrued, the word, which scares us without even touching us!

My experiences with arrogance have taught me some profound lessons. The day I tried to break it into small pieces and deal with it syllable by syllable, this is what I discovered:

We can turn it around into a positive word:

ArroganceThat is how you can revert arrogance, which is very much in your own hands.

Nobody except the arrogant can change himself or herself.

Only our inner voice can impel us towards change. When an arrogant person decides to develop humility, he or she has to overcome self-perpetuated attitude of being supreme.

It is the ego, which accentuates arrogance. When we recognize the power of self-effacement, we can accomplish a positive change in our personalities. Often we don’t make any such effort. We get so accustomed to riding the high sea that it carries us far into the realms of selfishness.

The solution lies in dropping the sails and anchoring our conceit.

Acceptance and respect are the two key words for exorcising the demonic powers of arrogance. When we start respecting others as equal human beings with same kinds of desires and emotions, when we start understanding that they too have a tender heart and get hurt by our outbursts, we begin to comprehend the subtle influence of being compassionate.

Compassion comes very slowly and only if we decide to expunge egotistical traits, which dominate arrogance.

The roots of arrogance lie elsewhere, probably in childhood or upbringing and therefore it is very essential to visit those corridors and make peace with those experiences, which are no longer relevant.

If you didn’t receive love and care in your childhood, you can’t bridge that gap now, if you crave for certain moments to return to soothe your soul, they can’t. If you were bullied and you are hiding behind arrogance to cover it up, you have to break that shell and come out.

We can embellish our personality at any stage of our life.

Read more about personality enhancement in my book.

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Balroop Singh.



Inconsistency Defines Your Behavior

ConsistencyAs we head towards the end of this year, one aspect of our personality we must analyze is consistency. Lets pause for two minutes and focus on how consistent we have been in the promises we made to ourselves, during this year.

“I’m inconsistent, even to myself.”-Bob Dylan

This term, ‘inconsistency’ has often irritated me, displeased me and exasperated me! Ironically it has also made me patient, tolerant and understanding. It has taught me the significance of regularity.

What is inconsistency? It is not being consistent in principles and conduct. It is not staying the same throughout. It is changing your behavior according to the given situation. Slowly inconsistency becomes a habit.

While we can work towards eliminating this habit, I have seen people push it under the carpet and deny that they have ever been inconsistent. Life itself is inconsistent, so are relationships.

Let me explain with the help of a very small example:

My friend who has been planning to lose weight keeps planning! She is waiting for the right time; she feels she would start when she is a bit free; she wants to start in the holidays and even does. But she comes up with ten excuses when you ask her why she is not consistent.

Her excuses are:

  • “My son is unwell. He needs me.
  • I have no time. My work keeps me occupied all day.
  • I have so many responsibilities. I feel so tired.
  • I have cramps in my legs. I have to wait for a few days till I feel fine.
  • The gym is so cramped…I have to change my time. I don’t like the instructor.
  • I think my priorities are different than yours.”

While we can dismiss this example with a lighthearted laughter, we need to understand that consistency defines our personality and in order to nurture relationships, accomplish our goals and earn respect, we need to be consistent.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”–Anthony Robbins

 Consistency is very demanding. Aldous Huxley may have said: “Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life…” But we are the ones who have to mold our lives and we can change its course only if we are consistent in our efforts.fullsizeoutput_416f

Demands of consistency:

  • Our actions should be in harmony with our values.
  • We must uphold our principles in all situations.
  • We treat all people with the same respect that we expect from them.
  • We need to maintain our integrity even during difficult times.
  • We have to come up to the expectations of others.

Our actions reveal our values and principles. If we don’t follow them consistently, we give out a clear message that we are faking our relationships. It is our behavior that exhibits what lies within us.

“Without consistency there is no moral strength”- Owen

When I think of impressive personalities, consistency seems to be the most important requirement. We may feel more detached and free in today’s world, dedication and sincerity may appear to be a bit outdated but they are still revered and valued.

Consistency of principles and conduct give a distinctive shape to our personality. When we don’t change our behavior in the midst of crisis, under pressure or due to threats, when the influence of circumstances doesn’t crush us or change us, we can call ourselves consistent.

Consistency in relationships is the key to happiness and serenity. All relationships need an assurance, an assertion and an affirmation that they can be banked upon. Consistency lends that much needed emotional mortar to firm our relationships.

Consistent parents raise happy and healthy children and make a positive mark on their ever-evolving personality.

Dedication and sincerity are the offshoots of consistency, which align our actions with our concepts.

Just consider what consistency can do:

  • Consistency of thoughts evolves us into a better person. Even if our thoughts happen to be negative at times, they are shoved away by being positive and consistent.
  • Consistency of beliefs leads us through the darkest tunnels of our mind. Trust speaks to us during those disappointing moments to focus on positive aspects of life.
  • Consistency of values makes us a luminous personality. It makes us as tall and as bright as the lighthouse. People notice that consistency and get inspired.
  • Consistency of upright behavior endears us to all our acquaintances and friends who know that they can pin their hope on us.
  • Consistency of affirmative outlook sends a positive message to all those around us.
  • Consistency of diet, exercise and meditation keeps us healthy and fit.

Why are we inconsistent? After careful analysis, I have tried to comprehend a few reasons:

We lack the will. We are lazy. We procrastinate. We may be having confusing principles. We may be selfish and self- centered. Allow Yourself To Be A Better Person

Have you ever tried to analyze the reasons of inconsistency? Are you consistent in your work, behavior and relationships? You can share your valuable thoughts here.

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– Balroop Singh