Heavenly Whisper

Heavenly light

The light of my study lamp
Often blinds me, turns celestial
It lifts me, carries me away
Into the world of extreme elation
Far from earthly existence
Floating effortlessly, higher and higher
As if impelled by a light bright,
Feeling like a liberated kite!
Guided by a heavenly whisper
A soft, luscious unheard voice
Fascinated by the aura of sounds
Enchanted by the exuberance of colors
Confounded by the abstract beauty
I experience a strange sensation
A message resounds all around
Happiness is not elusive.
I return to my study,
My safe haven
The light of my lamp
Glows brighter, bemused I ruminate

I try to reflect… a sound reverberates
I can hear various distant shots
My selfish thoughts veer around myself
They are far…I am safe!

© Balroop Singh

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