A Single Mother

Sad woman by seashore
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I sat by the shore
Watching a woman
Swathed by the waves
Sometimes completely inundated
She sat there frigid.

I knew she was crestfallen
Her grief seemed to be raw
A lump rose in my throat
As I walked towards her
She sat there unaware.

I spoke some words of solace
To assuage her emotional deluge
Her fiery eyes bore through me
A scary stony expression of glare
Didn’t deter my positivity

I pressed further…share it
Say it…feel the words that heal
The arrows that sat on her tongue
Pierced my heart into smithereens
I clutched her hand when she spoke…

Do you know a shooting pain
That rises every moment?
Do you know how it feels
To be asphyxiated every second?
Do you know what is loss?

Loss of an only child
My only hope, my only star
Who went to school to study
Bubbling with life cut short by a bullet
Is this the price we pay for learning?

Can your words restore my faith?
Can your hope bring my son back?
Can you assure me no more would be killed?
Can your words mitigate the woes
Of a single mother?

Can you oust the demons
That excoriate me night and day?
Can you replace the walls
That torment me all night?
Can you douse the fire within?
Teary eyed I looked at her, dumb-founded.
© Balroop Singh

This poem was written after the deadliest school massacre occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Broward County, Florida on February 14, 2018.

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Is It Deluge Of Destiny Or Just Hatred?

Deluge of destiny

I know grief is not individualistic
I know it pervades all around
I know it is self- healer
I know it unfolds the truth of transience.

I don’t want to wish it away
I want to let it penetrate my skin
Let the flames of its fire
Steel my bones, fortify my spirit.

I don’t want to hold the flood of tears
I know they will drown the ash
The hurt, the despair, the emptiness
I know, deeper love causes greater grief.

I want to return to love and laughter
I want to open my windows to the sky
The anguish, the loss buried inside
Will it ever let me do that?

Every morning I wake up with your thoughts
Hoping for the dawn that erases bias
Wishing to feel the silence of guns
Yearning for peaceful co-existence

I live with the hope of change
To heal the aggrieved hearts
My hands may be empty
But they can handle the deluge of destiny.

© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

Each life is precious, each tear carries a deluge.

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