Whispering Peace and Tranquility

Light, clouds and snow

Far away in the clouds
That lit up with your memories
A fairy smiles at me
Is that you?

Far away in the sky
A streak of light oscillates,
Each time I think of you
Is that your amorphous abode?

It’s been ages but
Your chilly embrace still warms me
Your gentle kisses reassure
You haven’t changed.

Decked in white robes
Drifting down softly
Shimmering at the thoughts
Of our reclusive rendezvous

While I lie frozen in time
Your footsteps fall on my heart
Ensconced in each other we breathe
Whispering peace and tranquility.
© Balroop Singh

This poem is inspired from Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto prompt – Distant. Thank you dear friend for the inspiration.

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Are You Happy? Let’s Hope so!


Happiness and Hope…two most precious possessions we all would like to have! Yet we all know how transitory they are, how they elude and delude us, how the hope of happiness keeps coming back like the waves striking the shore.

We need to ponder and understand:
Happiness and hope…. both lie within us. All we require is to look within, analyze and decipher. Often we fail to celebrate little moments of happiness as our hopes soar too high. In the pursuit of perfection, we keep on chasing that hope and miss the little milestones.
Happiness may be subjective but hope is the key.There is an uncanny connection between the two.

Hope carries happiness in its basket of flowers. It can die as fast as fresh flowers do. The door to happiness should always be left ajar as the key to that door lies in our hearts.
Happiness just sneaks in! Be alert to recognise it.

Sometimes the door should be left unlatched. Serenity and calmness tiptoe to warm our hearts with inner peace!

Happiness lies in our hearts! (read more)
Lets explore it!

We need to nurture it to keep it alive. Emotional upheavals keep shaking our happiness but hope is the greatest treasure!

Hope is the moonlight filtering through the trees,
Hope is the silent prayer that we make in distress,
Hope is the promise that we make to ourselves,
Hope is the happiness that we visualize,
Hope is the horizon that we reach, if we try!

What makes you happy? How do you deal with bouts of despair? Your opinion is greatly valued. Please click on the comments below to express your views.

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