Emotional Realities Of Life

Emotional Realities Of Life

I have just returned from a wonderful retreat, some lovely emotional moments with my niece who graduated this month, spent some superb days of togetherness with my younger daughter and then soaked in the leisurely hours in the charmingly captivating home of my nephew whose warm welcoming vibes keep the emotional bonds alive.

These few days were a living dream, a lifetime of bonding and love, which reminds us how beautiful life is!

‘Life is but a dream…’almost everyday I sing this rhyme with my little grand daughter.

Now that she is so observant and pertinent with her questions, she says: what is a dream grandma?

I keep singing, moving the little boat in my hand more vigorously to distract her but her question gets more persistent.

I realize how inarticulate I am! How do I define a dream to a two-year-old child?

As I search for the right words, another question crops up…why is it a dream, grandma!

All the analogies that are associated with life swiftly cross my mind but none is simple enough to answer an innocent question, which ignites various thoughts.

An idea strikes me instantly. I must write about it!

Life has been compared to the glowing sun as well as the moon, it has been equated with flowing water, it can be darker than the threatening clouds, it can be as colorful as the rainbow but it can never be the same.

The transient nature of life makes it real. The emotional attachments make it worth living.

Despite stormy tribulations, we all love life.

There was a time when life was very dear to me. Attachments were deeper, emotions more intense and the worries most prominent. Mental ease – a far cry!

When I was told that I wouldn’t live a long life, my only worry was my children especially the younger one who was just a little baby. What will they do without a mother…who will take care of them…I approached a dear sibling and got a promise that she would take care of my little baby.

And then the prophecy became almost true!

When I was face to face with death, strangely my mind was numb. It couldn’t think beyond the present moment. The only thought that crossed my mind at that minuscule moment was…it’s all over!

The next moment I found myself alive! I was wonderstruck at the miraculous escape I had! I thanked my stars, my God, whom I was always questioning, whose existence I always doubted, who stepped forward to carry me like flower petals and return to my dear ones!

Then there were many such moments when I told myself – I want to live, I have unfulfilled tasks.

I am happy I could complete all of them.

Life flew by. I know I have lived a happy and fulfilling life.

Was it a dream? I try to probe deeper – probably it refers to ‘letting go,’ the so-called philosophical interpretation.

However, a self-enforced detachment keeps nudging me and reminding me… ‘Life is but an illusion.’

Life is beautiful

I often wonder…is it true? How can life be an illusion when we live it, savoring each moment, directing it according to our own wishes?

Then I look up the meaning of the word – illusion… ‘something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.’…‘a false mental image produced by misinterpretation of things that actually exist.’

And I analyze it further…life doesn’t deceive. People do, circumstances may be such that we feel betrayed, our own efforts cause disappointments but we refuse to own the responsibility for all this.

We pass on the buck to life, saying ‘it is unfair.’

Life is beautiful, it is worth living, and it is very much real if we approach it with a positive mind.

If you want to fathom the beauty of life, look at a newborn child.

If you want to understand how meaningful and playful life can be, learn it from a child. Now I can truly appreciate the observation of Wordsworth: ‘Child is the father of man.’

If you want to distinguish between the reality and dreams, ask an adolescent.

If you want to savor life, get connected with your emotional ties.

Emotions rule us however hard we may try to rebuff them.

Realities of life hit us after we have lived our dreams, accomplished them or failed them.

Sometimes I feel detachment is an illusion, a self-created snare we want to walk into unwillingly.

Life is a choice for some and a burden for others, it promises hope if we are ready to wait, it offers opportunities if we approach it with an open mind.

It is a mystery if we have the patience to explore it.

“What is life but the angle of vision? A man is measured by the angle at which he looks at objects. What is life but what a man is thinking of all day? This is his fate and his employer. Knowing is the measure of the man. By how much we know, so much we are.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are the emotional realities of your life? Do they add some sunshine to your life? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh

Welcome To Our Island Of Fantasy…

Our train is about to move
Come, hop on… you could be left behind
just like little teddy
But he never bawls,
He sits around and drawls
listening to music…
Oh! Lets put the volume down!
Please wait!

This train can wait for hours
It only moves
when our two-year-old driver directs
sometimes the push is too sudden!
Pixie watches…her moo-moo starts
Suddenly the train breaks into parts
Its breakfast time for everybody,
as Pixie and Suzie are ready

Train journey is instantly abandoned
All attention is towards monkey, still sleeping
So is the giraffe and the elephant.
The snake is hissing around for milk
The knobs and handles of the doors overflow…
Bowls are full of milk
But the monkey starts jumping on the bed!
And as usual, he falls.

There is a big commotion!
Everybody is eager to see what happened
Oh…the monkey has bumped his head.
Duckie rushes to get ice for him,
which is rubbed on his head
He is laughing in no time, jumping again.
Donna and Bunny join him.

Breakfast is forgotten
Jumping spree goes on and on
Many of them get hurt but no crying,
‘NO crying’ is the command of our little Angel,
all conform to it.
Someone opens the wardrobe
there is a big hullabaloo.

Everybody rushes in,
pulling whatever comes in their hand…
out come the hats, the tiaras and the masks
our dear commander asks…
Where is my bug?
The bug takes us into moonlit night
The wardrobe is full of heavenly light
With stars twinkling all around
Everyone watches in delight!

Where is my runaway bunny?
Leaving them all in the lurch
She finds her favorite puzzle
She pulls out all the pieces
spreads them all around the room.
In comes Johny, sugar in hand
Runs all around the house
Followed by Sophia, Minnie and Dolly
Sugar jar drops down
All the din gets drowned…

As Barnyard party is in full swing
All are welcome
It’s so much fun
And it continues…

Living in the world of illusion, which is devoid of all the stress…living my childhood once again in the make believe world of my granddaughter and grandson who looks perplexed as he is too little to join us in our barnyard dance…feeling blessed!

© Balroop Singh.
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Dead End?


Attracted by the rosy path
Littered with little primroses
On both the sides…
I took this journey.

It seemed so fascinating
To tread the unknown trail
How could I forget the elation…
The warm words of assurance!

Words…empty words?
Leading me into unknown ventures
Little help, just soft silence…
Pretense of leading, guiding.

This seems to be the dead end
Alone in the wilderness…
Staring at the desolate way
Congregating courage to trudge.

I sit gagged, staring into space
Towards the wilderness
The horizon so close
The rainbow so alluring

Forgetting that rainbow is transitory
And the horizon – a delusion
I still move on!
Who can question my mettle?

Who can doubt my optimism?
Who can distrust my capabilities?
Of making new pathways
Dead end is nothing but an illusion.
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So Many Hues Of Life…How To Remain Grounded?

hues of life

Is life so distressing? A passing thought, which often gnaws at my nerves…during some dark hours of contemplation.

It is not so always, I reassure myself and it can’t go on like this, empty, bereft of all joy and mirth.

‘Life is not a bed of roses’…this adage never seemed convincing to me when I looked around and saw from the eye of an immature, growing adolescent, whose rosy dreams and soft thoughts… that all is well with the world…considering the small, protective cocoon that I lived in, formed those illusions.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Real Life:

The journey of life actually unfolds its reality when we step into this fiercely competitive, engulfing world; waiting to devour us, defeat all our sincere and honest efforts!

Some disappointments, some frustrations and disillusionments become a part of our journey.

Do we give up? No, we want to explore more.

It becomes more meaningful and challenging…we learn to define our goals, snub some desires and struggle to move ahead with renewed vigor.

But it remains interesting!

Whenever we face the roadblocks, we wonder why is life so tough, why do we have to face a new challenge everyday, why can’t it be smooth sailing?

Nobody answers our questions. We have to figure out the answers.

Sometimes a light within us enlightens us but many times we end up into darker tunnels, fighting the obscure paths to comprehend our desires and goals.

When we emerge successful, we have newer trials…the unending path before us seems so frightening that many times we actually contemplate quitting.

Quitting? A voice within reprimands!

This is the time when the equilibrium is shaken, when anxiety sets in, when stress races ahead and captures us.

Do we fall an easy prey to stress? Many people do but they soon realize that they have to keep a balance and move ahead.

Life moves at its pace yet it seems to be rushing. Isn’t it strange?

The Illusions:

Sometimes, it seems that life is just a big vacation – when you nestle in the center of a place, surrounded by pine forests with snow covered peaks staring at you, …with whiffs of peace and contentment all around.

A serenity that coaxes us to slow down, to savor the little moments of joy.

Such a scenario changes our opinion, filling us with new enthusiasm to do something new, something different.

Have you ever felt this exhilaration? The illusionary aspect of life is a significant contributor.

Just look at the ocean, feel its vastness, sit by its side and look at the waves rushing at you. They speak to us, if we can understand the profound lesson each wave leaves for us.

The Lessons:

Life is that simple yet seems complicated. However high the wave, it has to touch the shore and surrender! Everything meets a natural end. Every moment around us is so transient! All the hues of life merge into each other. None of them belongs to us.

Life is an amalgamation of:

  • Some boring moments – we have to make them interesting.
  • Some failures – we have to strive for success.
  • Some regrets – we have to move on.
  • Some disenchantment – we have to relook at our perspective.
  • Some snubs – we have to emerge stronger.
  • Some deeper hurts – we have to balance our emotions.
  • Some fantasies – we have to remain grounded.

Remain Grounded:

  1. Get in touch with Nature and spend some time in her lap. Observe the shoots and saplings, the flowers and their smiles, the trees and the withering of leaves. Listen to the music of nature, soak in its grandeur and you will feel life is a huge blessing.
  2. Meditate and feel connected with yourself, the real self, which unfolds slowly. Let your thoughts flow freely. After a few days, they will learn to phase out and elevate you to a new level – a state of mind, which will be free from all superfluous thoughts.
  3. Accept life as it comes, welcome all its ups and downs with resilience. Draw energy from positive thoughts and people. Dwell on your blessings. Keep your cool in the face of provocations and disappointments. Embrace your agonizing moments to exorcize them from your life.

How do you remain grounded? What is the meaning of life for you? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh.

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